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Seven Tips to get into Ketosis

Tips to get into Ketosis
Ketosis is a natural metabolic procedure that provides a ton of health benefits. While your
body is in a state of ketosis it uses the accumulated fat and converts it into ketones which
are used as the main source of energy. It is very healthy for the human body. Now here are
several ways by which you can get into the state of ketosis.

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  1. Eating a meal with low amounts of carb
    It is one of the most important parts to reach ketosis. When you lower the carbs in
    your diet your body turns to the fat that has been accumulated for energy.
  2. Using coconut oil in the diet
    The fats present in coconut oil unlike other fats are quickly absorbed by the body
    and are converted into ketones or used as an immediate source of energy.
  3. Increase your physical activities
    The more you work out, the more energy you use. Hence, more fat is used for
    energy thus, better results.
  4. Increase the number of fats in your diet
    Since you are reducing the carb intake it is necessary to increase the fat intake to
    help your body reach ketosis faster.
  5. Try a fast
    As you won’t eat the body will use stored fats for energy thus helping you reach
    ketosis. Most people go to mild ketosis when they are asleep which is between
    dinner and breakfast.
  6. Consume the right amount of protein
    Protein helps keep the body healthy and helps in going into ketosis.
  7. Adjust your diet
    You must regularly test your ketone level and adjust your diet accordingly.

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