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Suggested School Safety “Teachable Moment” Lesson
Natural Disasters, School/Community Violence/Tragic School Community Deaths Scott Poland, Ed.D., Director Department of Psychological Services Donna Poland, Ph.D., Middle School Principal Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District Houston, Texas 713-460-7825 Objective Suggested Activities Resources 1. Students will develop an understanding of the facts regarding the "critical incident". Teacher will share facts that have been provided by administration that answer: …
Zero Tolerance and Alternative Strategies: A Fact Sheet for Educators and Policymakers
The National Association of School Psychologists What is Zero Tolerance? "Zero Tolerance" initially was defined as consistently enforced suspension and expulsion policies in response to weapons, drugs and violent acts in the school setting. Over time, however, zero tolerance has come to refer to school or district-wide policies that mandate predetermined, typically harsh consequences or…
Teenagers and Chores: Guidelines for Parents
by Fred Provenzano, Ph.D., NCSP For a printer-friendly version, click here . Background Teenagers are at a developmental stage in life where they are spreading their wings, stretching themselves and the limits of their experience.? They have also reached a period in cognitive development where they are able to more fully consider consequences of…

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