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Pacing the ‘Hard News’
Pacing a 'Hard News' Session: Key Concepts for Communicating a Mental Retardation Diagnosis Diana Browning Wright? & Nancy Gronroos California Department of Education, Diagnostic Center, South Prepare to Deliver the News Prepare to embody the core meta-messages from the attached checklist in all that you convey. Under stress, people 'read' your…
The Center: Teachers and Administrators
Teachers and Administrators NEW - Read about the upcoming NASP Center online event on learning disabilities. Recent inserts from the NASP Communiqué : Expanding Practice: Helping Families Develop a Family Internet Plan Obesity Prevention in Children: Strategies for Parents and School Personnel Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:…
Selected Resources on Mental Retardation
Selected Resources on Mental Retardation [1] AAMR National Office 444 North Capitol St. NW, Suite 846 Washington, D.C. 20001-1512 (202) 387-1968, (800) 424-3688? ( Provides links to all organizations serving professionals, parents and communities. Many resources accessible online, including the 9 th edition of the AAMR manual on diagnosis and interventions.) The ARC…

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