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What Is Ketosis, Is ketosis healthy for the body?

Is ketosis healthy for the body?
Ketosis is one of the best ways to have a healthier body. It is a process through which the body
gets to have better shape and get a proper metabolic rate. It makes the body use fat as a source
of fuel and thus burn off extra fat from the body. It effectively helps in muscle growth too.
People associate ketosis with undernourishment, but it is a wrong notion that people have
developed. Ketosis is related to taking the least amount of carbs and filling the diet with a
higher amount of protein and takes 80-90% simple fat in the diet. Under ketosis, people must
use the least amount of carbs, as low as 20-50 grams in a day. Ketosis is healthy for the body as
it helps to provide muscle-boosting nutrients and promotes metabolic health. It makes sure
that the body burns off fat at a faster rate. It also ensures better brain activity.

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Under ketosis, the liver tends to make more ketones that help to provide fuel for the brain cells.
This also makes glucose in the body to be used by specific parts of the brain only and thus have
synchronized functions of the brain. Some of the researches show that ketosis helps to reduce
seizure and helps cure epilepsy too. Type 2 diabetes can be cured with the help of ketosis as a
ketogenic diet contains fewer amounts of sugar and carbs. It makes sure that the blood sugar
level fall thus curing the problem of diabetes. Ketosis also helps to reduce the amount of bad
cholesterol in the body thus curing heart diseases.

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