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Ketogenic Diet 101: The best way to promote body shape.

Ketosis has become a trusted way to get in better shape. As per the latest researches and
advances in the field of medical science, ketosis has become one of the best ways to defeat
obesity. Ketosis is induced mostly through the use of keto products and by maintaining a proper
ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet helps the body to make use of fat as fuel for the body. The
ketogenic diet mostly contains simple fats and a higher amount of protein than normal. It
contains the least amount of carbs so that the process of ketosis is not disturbed. Thus people
must try to make sure that they take a proper ketogenic diet so that the process of ketosis is

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Basics of keto are:
Firstly, people need to reduce the intake of carbs gradually so that the body turns to use fat as
the source of fuel and the liver starts to produce more ketones for effective sustenance of
ketosis in the body. It also helps to lower the blood sugar level which is helpful for diabetic
Different types of the ketogenic diet are:

  1. Classis keto diet: This type of diet contains a low amount of carbs, certainly a higher
    amount of protein, and a very high amount of simple fat for the body.
  2. Cyclic ketogenic diet: In this type of diet, people tend to take the classic keto diet 5 days
    a week and then turn to high carbs diet for the next 2 days.
  3. Targeted carb diet: It contains the use of carbs at the time of workout only as a way to
    get a faster energy source.
  4. High protein diet: This diet contains the highest amount of protein and is suggested for

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