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Symptoms of keto flu and How to Get Rid of It

Keto flu is the name given to all the problems that the body has to go through at the start of
taking a ketogenic diet. It is a sign that the body has started to undergo ketosis and the fat loss
has started. It is seen that people suffer from several issues as the body is new to all this and
the sudden drop in carbs is the reason behind these issues. The health problems are not long-
lasting and are not serious either. Thus, people should not be worried about these symptoms
and the professionals suggest they not quit the ketogenic diet at seeing such problems. The
symptoms that people show are often related to the enhanced metabolic rate and the gradual
decrease in carbs for the body. The changes in the body are shown in the form of such

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People can start to feel nauseous and weak at the start of taking a ketogenic diet as the body
does not get faster energy from carbs but has to burn off fat molecules to get energy. Fat has
higher energy storage but is complex to get burnt and thus takes time. Vomiting and headache
are also common problems that people experience at the start of ketosis. People tend to crave
sugar too as sugar has an addictive element and a ketogenic diet tends to cut on it. Difficulty in
sleeping is also a symptom that people show when they start to take a ketogenic diet.
Constipation can also occur at the beginning of ketosis as the digestive progress of the body
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