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Is a Low Carb ketogenic diet healthy for the brain?

Ketosis and keto-based health progress has gotten a real swing in the recent past. People are
trusting ketosis as a method to provide them with a healthy body. As per a report, a lot of
professionals and nutritionists tend to suggest a ketogenic diet for having a healthy body.
Ketosis helps maintain a healthy shape and makes sure that the body fat gets burnt. Recent
research shows that ketone proves to be healthy not only in making the body fat gets
decreased, but also helps to maintain brain functions. It makes sure that the brain cells get
properly nourished and the cognitive health gets better.
The ways through which ketogenic diet helps to get healthier functions of the brain are:

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  1. Ketogenesis: Since the ketogenic diet contains food that has a high intake of protein but
    a very fewer carbs supply, the liver tends to produce ketones even more. This ketone
    acts as a fuel for the brain and helps to boost up brain functions.
  2. Glucogeneosis: Since most of the brain is fuelled by the ketones in the body, some other
    parts of the brain that require glucose to function well, get an adequate supply of it. This
    makes sure proper functioning of all parts of the brain and thus enhances brain health.
    A classic ketogenic diet contains around 4-5% of calories from carbs and around 10-12% calories
    from protein. The rest of the diet contains simple fat which gets easily digested and fuels the
    body properly. The ketogenic diet has proven to help maintain proper body shape and now is
    an effective way to get better brain health too.

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