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Keto Diet Meal Plan and Menu: Menu for a Lower Carb Lifestyle

When and if you’re trying to lose weight by regulating your eating pattern you probably
would’ve heard of the Keto Diet. The Keto diet has recently become the most popular way
all around the world to burn fat and lose weight. The Keto diet includes a very low but
necessary amount of carbs and is rich in nutrients and since this diet gives a feeling of being
full, it is a huge plus point when trying to lose weight. It may sound difficult but it is not and
you can get used to it real quick. What you need to do is cut the number of carbohydrates
and increase fats and proteins in your meals.

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Foods in the keto diet include dairy products, poultry, citrus fruits, dry fruits, non-starchy veggies. Beverages in the keto diet include water or sparkling water, sugarless coffee, and tea. To get the best and fast results of the keto diet
you must avoid starchy food. And it is especially necessary to avoid drinks be it cold drinks
or alcohol since in drinks you consume a large amount of sugar that too without getting the
feeling of satiety. We have created a sample menu for you to try for your keto diet for one
Breakfast: milk and pudding topped with walnuts
Lunch: green salad, eggs, and turkey
Dinner: chicken curry
Breakfast: toast with avocado
Lunch: salmon topped with pesto
Dinner: meatballs with parmesan cheese
Breakfast: baked avocado
Lunch: Caesar salad
Dinner: pork chops
Breakfast: yogurt topped with granola
Lunch: steak
Dinner: Bison steak
Breakfast: boiled eggs

Lunch: turkey
Dinner: grilled salmon
Breakfast: omelet
Lunch: tuna salad and celery
Dinner: roast chicken
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: green salad, avocado, and mushrooms
Dinner: pork chop sauteed in coconut oil

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