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10 Signs and symptoms of ketosis

Ketosis is a healthy way of getting in better shape and enjoying better health. It is one of the most
preferred processes for getting a better body shape. It increases the number of ketones in the
blood and thus helps to reduce body fat by ensuring that fat is used as fuel for the body. When
a person undergoes ketosis, the body shows signs of it. Since different things change in the
body, it shows symptoms of having better metabolic health.
The signs of undergoing ketosis are:

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  1. Bad breath: Having bad breath shows that the liver is producing ketones in enhanced
    amounts which is a sign of undergoing ketosis.
  2. Weight loss: Sudden drop in weight and continuous loss is the sign that the body is
    undergoing ketosis and thus losing all the extra weight.
  3. The increased amount of ketones in urine: Urine analyzer strips can be used to check
    the amount of ketone in it. An enhanced amount of ketones in it is a sign of ketosis.
  4. Loss of appetite: Not feeling the extra hunger and drop in extra calories is the sign of
    undergoing ketosis as the body tends to lose the craving for extra carbs.
  5. Increased energy levels: The body fat starts to get burned and thus increases the
    amount of energy getting stored in the body. The person also starts to get better
    focusing power.
  6. Short-term fatigue: People can suffer from sudden fatigue and even blackout at the start
    of ketosis. This is a common sign as the body is new to getting a very low amount of
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