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Lizzo Shares Her Weight Gain Journey on Instagram: Why She Loves Her Body and Encourages Others to Do the Same

Source: You Tube
Source: You Tube

Lizzo wants us to love ourselves no matter what size we are. She posted a video on January 2 where she looked amazing in a brown outfit. She wrote: “I gained weight ?? I look TF GOODT?.”

This content is from instagram. You can see it or learn more on their website. Many people liked her video and thanked her for being so positive. “You made me feel better, I love you!” one person said. “You look awesome,” another said. “I was feeling sad today because I gained weight, but you made me feel strong,” someone else said.

Lizzo often shares videos like this to show that all bodies are normal and beautiful. She told Vogue in 2020: “I don’t want to just say I’m body positive. That’s easy. I want to make my body normal. I want to include people who look like me: girls with back fat, girls with bellies, girls with thighs that touch, girls with stretch marks. Girls who wear size 18 or more.”

This video is from Tiktok. You might see the same video in a different way, or you might find more details, on their website.

In March 2021, she made a TikTok that showed how her body had changed since 2018, saying: “It’s ok to change. I love every stage my body goes through. The things your body does every day to work are amazing honestly ????? love u.”

And in April 2021, she shared a naked picture of herself without editing. “Normally I would fix my belly and smooth my skin,” she said. “But baby I wanted to show u how I look naturally.”

We love Lizzo’s focus on body acceptance. We are excited to see what inspiring posts she makes in 2022!

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