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Golo Weight Loss Reviews: Pills Diet Program, Work and Cost

Being overweight can cause severe health damage to the body. Weight loss is something that enhances many other functioning of the body. The metabolic rate of the body increases which reduces body fat and enhances brain performance. Health problems like high cholesterol levels, low stamina and strength ad many other problems might occur due to different reasons why it is important to improve weight loss with the help of natural phenomena. Golo Weight Loss diet helps people in suppressing appetite and improving weight loss. Let us know more about this diet and its functioning in the body.

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What is the Golo diet?

The GOLO diet isn’t a method of eating as much as it is a specific food plan, unlike other diets like the keto diet or Mediterranean diet. The 2009-created GOLO diet allows you some freedom in terms of what you may eat, but it also calls for a special supplement from GOLO, LLC. The idea behind this diet is to boost metabolism by lowering insulin resistance, which raises blood sugar, to lose weight, and fend against diseases linked to weight gain. On the website of the business, it is said that the team behind the creations comprises “committed doctors, pharmacists, and researchers.”

According to Vikki Petersen, a certified clinical nutritionist and founder and executive director of Root Cause Medical Clinic, which has clinics in Florida and California, the GOLO diet is a weight-loss strategy that is intended to be used temporarily. Petersen is also a certified functional medicine practitioner. Its objective is to control your insulin levels, which will restore normalcy to your metabolism and hormones. 30 to 90 days are covered under the programs. Only a few details regarding the GOLO diet’s specifications are provided on the website. The contents they refer to as the “Metabolic Plan” may only be accessed by purchasing their supplement, Release.

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How Golo Diet is effective to get weight loss?

The business that created the GOLO diet thinks that many people have hormonal issues that make it difficult for them to lose weight and keep it off. In particular, they think that insulin, a hormone that is crucial for metabolic function, is to blame. GOLO, which stands for “Go Lose Weight,” is based on the premise that long-term weight loss will be exceedingly challenging to achieve if your insulin is not correctly regulated. Through the program’s eating plan and daily supplement, the diet seeks to empower participants to take charge of their insulin regulation.

The GOLO diet consists of two main parts: adhering to the GOLO eating plan and taking the Release supplement recommended by the plan. A welcome kit, which includes the booklets Metabolic Plan and Overcoming Diet Obstacles, is sent to you after you pay for membership. They explain the theory behind the diet, how much you can eat, what foods you can choose from, and what to do to stick to the plan when, for instance, you have to pick up lunch at a convenience store. They do this in simple, understandable terms. If you don’t already have a routine, it also offers advice on how to start exercising.

What is included in the GOLO menu plan?

Following the GOLO meal plan entails combining and matching allowed items from the following categories: proteins, carbohydrates, veggies, and fats, according to GOLO president and co-founder Jennifer Brooks (a holistic nutritionist). All of the permitted whole foods in each category are included in the GOLO guide. Guidelines for how much of each food GOLO dieters should eat at each meal are also included in the pamphlet.

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The GOLO diet, according to Brooks, calls for choosing one to two servings from each food group—again, that’s proteins, carbs, vegetables, and fats—to make meals. She claims that this combination will help you avoid hunger while maintaining a stable blood sugar level. People can eat the same foods as their families by doing this, she explains, “but we do have meal plans for people who want more structure.” You can also include the occasional treat or extra portion using the “bonus” servings that are allowed based on how much you move around, how much exercise you get, and your age and gender.

According to the GOLO diet, you eat three meals a day. If you exercise or if it has been more than four to five hours since your last meal, however, you may have a snack. The GOLO diet’s larger breakfast and lunch portions than dinner is another intriguing aspect of it. An illustration of a typical GOLO diet day is shown below:

  • Breakfast: Two eggs (two proteins) for breakfast, along with a banana and a slice of whole grain bread with butter (another carb)
  • Lunch: Three ounces of chicken on top of leafy greens (one vegetable), with a whole wheat roll and dressing (one fat).
  • Dinner: Roasted cauliflower nachos cooked with shredded chicken (a protein), tomatoes (another vegetable), avocado, cheddar cheese, black beans, and cauliflower (a vegetable) (a second fat).

Nothing is off-limits, according to Brooks, but you should try to consume entire, unprocessed foods. “We recognize it’s a change for a lot of folks,” she adds, noting that many are leaving behind manufactured diet foods and meal replacements, which the website claims can “weaken” your metabolic health. The strategy suggests that choosing half a cup of brown rice versus white rice would be the “superior” option for a carb at any given meal.

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The Golo Diet: Scientific Research

There isn’t much research on the Golo diet that has been peer-reviewed and published in a medical journal. There was no placebo group in one of their pilot studies. (Including a placebo group is part of the gold standard in research because it enables researchers to determine whether or not the results were caused by the intervention.) Additionally, Cassetty emphasizes the importance of peer review: “If research does not go through that rigor, the results are not as meaningful,” she says.

What Makes the GOLO Diet Work?

You actually “stop dieting,” according to GOLO’s plan. Instead, you just take Release, which the manufacturer says aids in insulin regulation, encouraging your body to lose weight devoid of calorie counting or restrictive eating. There are a few foods that are encouraged and some that are discouraged, which is typical for many diets. While studies confirming the safety of Release and effectiveness of the GOLO diet for weight loss are listed on the website, it’s important to note that both pilot studies and those published are funded or sponsored in some way by GOLO and the subject pools were very small.

The metabolic regimen, which suggests eating three meals a day of 1,300 to 1,800 calories each, is detailed in booklets given to GOLO dieters (and each meal is followed by a Release capsule). While there are general meal recommendations for everyone, your recommended daily calorie intake depends on your gender, age, weight, and degree of exercise. In addition, GOLO offers dietary recommendations that encourage you to consume more whole foods (such as fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and grains) and less processed food. It reassures you that you can still eat out while following the diet. Exercise for at least 15 minutes each day is also advised. If you have pre-existing problems, extra considerations should be addressed before beginning a diet plan.

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How Does the GOLO Diet Supplement Work?

The official supplement of the GOLO diet, Release, must be mentioned when talking about it. The FDA cannot regulate dietary supplements, thus even though the product was created at a facility that is subject to its oversight, it is unable to substantiate the safety or efficacy of its claims. The supplement itself states that it will help you healthily lose weight by boosting your metabolism and regulating your insulin levels. It also promises to provide you with additional advantages like increased energy, a decrease in appetite, and a reduction in stress and worry.

Seven all-natural, plant-based components, as well as three minerals, make up Release, including:

  • Magnesium 
  • Chromium
  • Extract of Rhodiola
  • Inositol Gardenia extract Berberine extract
  • a Banaba extract
  • extraction of 
  • calcium
  • Apple Essence

The FDA typically recognizes these compounds as safe.

According to Petersen, several of the minerals and chemicals in Release aren’t present in quantities that are sufficient to significantly reverse mineral deficiency or increase the effect. She makes a point of pointing out that apple extract, which contains fiber, is listed as the final component in the custom blend ingredient list, indicating that there is less of it in the supplement. Maintaining appropriate levels of these minerals is a good idea.

You should nonetheless take caution when taking the supplement even if these substances are usually regarded as safe. in particular, if you use medicine to address a pre-existing illness like diabetes.

What are the ingredients present in Golo’s Diet supplement?

Three minerals—magnesium, zinc, and chromium—are mentioned as the first active components in Golo’s weight-loss pill. We have not found any medical studies that indicate these three minerals are useful for weight loss. Without a proven deficiency, we do not advise taking vitamins or minerals since doing so might cause blood levels to rise dangerously.

The remaining components are incorporated in a proprietary (prop) mix with a total of just 297 milligrams (mg), or 42 mg of each component, on average. We advise customers to stay away from supplements that include substances in prop mixes since doing so hinders them from knowing how much of each ingredient to take (only the total dose is published).

  • The first component of the prop blend is Rhodiola extract, but we have not found any scientific research indicating that this component is useful for weight loss. Rhodiola extract did lead to weight gain in one animal study. We’ll classify this component as ineffective.
  • We were unable to locate any studies demonstrating inositol’s efficacy for patients on average; however, it is effective for weight loss in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that affects the ovaries. The inositol dosage in Golo might even be significantly low when compared to the PCOS studies. Over 1,000 mg of inositol, which is over 20 times more than the typical ingredient dose in this prop blend, was used in the majority of the studies we reviewed.
  • Although berberine extract—which we believe to be a useful substance for weight loss—is included in Golo Release, it may not be in sufficient amounts. A meta-study on the effects of berberine supplements on weight reduction discovered that this component did produce weight loss, however, the minimum dose in all studies examined was 1,000 mg daily.
  • Although there is little study, gardenia extract may be useful for weight loss. When used for weight reduction, gardenia was given in doses ranging from 3 to 10 grams (depending on body weight) in the sole human trial we could locate. This is a huge increase above the amount used in Release.
  • It was discovered through a scientific investigation that banaba extract causes weight reduction. We cannot evaluate the dose since this trial’s publication is in Japanese. We may take this ingredient into account.
  • The following component, a proprietary Salacia extract by the name of Salaretin, is inefficient for helping people lose weight in our opinion. An experiment on animals revealed that this substance had no impact on body weight. At the time this page was updated, there were only three clinical trials listed on the manufacturer’s website, and none of them had anything to do with weight reduction. All three have to do with diabetes.
  • The last component in Golo Release is apple extract, however, we were unable to find any clinical studies that would support its efficacy in promoting weight reduction. Although eating entire apples has been linked to weight reduction in studies, this doesn’t necessarily imply that apple extract in the amount found in Golo’s diet tablets is efficient.

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The GOLO Diet’s Recommended Foods

In a pamphlet you get for free when you first buy Release: Petersen deconstructs the foods prioritized on the GOLO diet.

  • Meat protein options include beef, chicken, pig, eggs, milk, cheese, and yogurt.
  • Frozen or fresh seafood
  • Coconut oil, olive oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and other good sources of fat
  • the whole grains quinoa and brown rice
  • Black, garbanzo, and pinto beans are legumes.
  • Other veggies include winter squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.
  • berries are among the fresh fruit.
  • Green veggies include kale, zucchini, asparagus, and broccoli.
  • Nuts: cashews, almonds, and walnuts

Whole, unprocessed foods make up the recommended foods, and according to Petersen, the list covers the majority of general food groups. However, she has some issues with some of GOLO’s suggestions, such as how it emphasizes animal protein while omitting advice on the kind and caliber of that protein. Petersen also observes that no specifics on food quality are stressed in other categories, such as seafood, which, according to the Food  Administration, can occasionally contain high levels of mercury and be harmful to young children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and women who plan to become pregnant.

The GOLO Diet’s list of forbidden foods

On the GOLO diet, it’s not recommended to eat things like:

  • Included sugar
  • Sweeteners made artificially
  • beverages with added sugar and sweet baked goods
  • Foods that have been processed, such as lunch meats, sausages, and plant-based meat substitutes
  • a refined diet
  • White bread

Foods associated with inflammation and ill health are all included in this list. In light of the GOLO diet’s emphasis on not restricting foods, it is important to note that these foods are merely discouraged. GOLO cautions you to abide by its rules so you don’t “sabotage your efforts” even when talking about eating out. Dr. Jampolis correctly points out that added sugars can cause insulin resistance, which is, of course, the main premise of the GOLO diet and its supplement.

What’s the GOLO diet like to follow?

As previously mentioned, the GOLO diet is based on the idea that managing your insulin is more important for a healthy metabolism than reducing calories or eliminating entire food groups. Once your metabolism is functioning at its best, you can lose weight and keep it off more easily, according to the company’s website. It explains that falling into the weight cycling trap (also known as yo-yo dieting) can cause metabolism to slow down and disrupt hormones involved in controlling weight.

Furthermore, it asserts that some individuals with sluggish metabolisms also have insulin resistance, which is a condition in which the cells of the liver, fat, and muscle don’t react favorably to insulin. Gaining weight may result from this. GOLO concentrates on insulin, which is known to control blood sugar levels, although multiple hormones are thought to be involved in hunger, metabolism, and weight regulation. Simply put, when your insulin isn’t supplying your cells with energy, the sugar lingers in your blood, and your body stores the surplus as fat. The theory behind GOLO is that it will bring your blood sugar and insulin levels back to normal, assisting you in using energy effectively.

Pros of Golo

  • It promotes consuming more whole foods while limiting those that are overly processed. This is advantageous for weight loss, according to scientific research.
  • It’s not overly constraining. On GOLO’s figurative table, there is still a tonne of different things to make meals with.
  • Meal planning and healthy eating advice are provided in the program. Anytime you begin a new eating plan, deciding what to eat can be challenging. You can access GOLO’s meal-planning tools and recipes once you sign up.

Cons of Golo

  • It lacks research. For the GOLO program to be truly linked to long-term weight loss, more scientific research is required, as Dr. Apovian and Rumsey explained.
  • You don’t need the supplement that comes with it. The Release supplement is a component of the GOLO program that you pay for. There isn’t any conclusive scientific proof that any supplement can aid in weight loss, as the experts we spoke with explained.
  • There is a cost. Unlike some other diets, such as the Mediterranean diet or a plant-based diet, the GOLO diet has a fee to sign up for, which includes the Release supplement.

What is the price of the GOLO diet each month?

With your initial order from GOLO, which is done through its website, you receive all the details of the above-mentioned plan, including the GOLO for Life plan and access to Mylo’s online tools and services. According to the website, the price for one bottle, which lasts one to two months, is $59.95. The price for three bottles, which last 90 to 150 days, is $119.85. GOLO provides free shipping as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Is the GOLO diet a wise decision?

Dr. Apovian doesn’t think the GOLO diet will hasten weight loss because there isn’t any scientific proof that supplements can aid in weight loss and taking the Release supplement is a significant component of the GOLO diet plan. Rumsey goes a step further and argues against enrolling in any sort of structured diet at all. According to her, “it’s an externally based way of eating and doesn’t take into consideration your body or your history — it may work in the short term, but like all other diets, will not work in the long run for most people.”

According to the CDC, if you wish to lose weight or your doctor encourages you to do so, decreasing even a little portion of your body weight can lower your chance of contracting a disease. Rumsey suggests encouraging more instinctive eating rather than adhering to any sort of diet plan: To know when to start and stop eating, pay attention to your body’s signals of hunger and fullness. Instead of responding to outside signals, such as diets, tune into your cues for when (and why) you want to consume particular foods, in particular quantities. This will gradually enable you to naturally eat what your body requires. 

The GOLO Diet’s risks

The GOLO diet has no real hazards (aside from some risks for people with diabetes). As with any diet, people should consult their doctors before starting one, though. Since GOLO funds all pertinent research, the GOLO diet’s major flaw is the dearth of hard data supporting its effectiveness. As a result, promises of 1- to 2-pound weekly weight reduction are unsubstantiated. However, this rate of weight reduction is safer than diets that promise quick, significant weight loss.

Furthermore, the duration of any weight reduction outcomes (if any) is unknown due to a paucity of studies. Most users take Release for between three and six months, according to GOLO, and it is uncertain if any weight reduction persists after that point.

“Generally, decreasing calories overall—the program reduces the typical man’s consumption by 700 calories and a woman’s by 500 calories—eliminating ’empty calories’ associated with sweets and baked goods, and increasing your activity will probably result in weight reduction for those who attempt it,” adds Petersen. There isn’t any study on this specific program to offer that information, therefore it’s unclear whether it will be steady and long-lasting.

Does Golo Diet cause weight loss?

It’s hazy. As already mentioned, GOLO cites numerous studies as evidence that the diet program is effective on its website; however, Crandall claims that the studies were funded by the company and were not included in the peer-reviewed National Library of Medicine database.

When trying to lose weight, it’s important to eat a healthy, balanced diet and keep track of your caloric intake. The GOLO diet appears to adhere to these important weight-loss principles. According to Ehsani, the GOLO diet does promote a balanced diet that includes lean protein, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables.

Dr. LePort cautions against relying too heavily on GOLO’s assertions regarding insulin. Here’s how it works: Dr. LePort claims that you become hungry when your body releases insulin. However, GOLO’s Release supplement seeks to prevent insulin levels from increasing and, in essence, deceive you into eating less frequently.

Is Golo Diet safe?

Yes, Golo diet is safe for all as it consists of all healthy meals which are essential for the body. Most people have started with these diets to maintain overall functioning of the body. There are different supplements of GOLO diet that helps the people to burn the fat cells and enhance the energy level of the body. It eliminates the toxins from the body and enhances the weight loss within few days only. Diets should be maintained to improve the functioning of the body. With the healthy diet many functioning of the body can be improved. Thus, Golo Diet is one of the best and healthy for weight loss.


Golo Weight Loss is creating a buzz in the market. Most people are starting with this diet to get proper weight loss. This diet includes a healthy meal which helps people to overcome overweight and obesity health problems. It supports proper weight loss in a few months. It reduces the health problems that occur due to being overweight. 

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