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Understanding and Responding to Students Who Self-Mutilate
Principal Leadership Magazine, Vol. 4, Number 7, March 2004 Counseling 101 Column Understanding and Responding to Students Who Self-Mutilate Principals can help preserve the physical and psychological welfare of students who self-mutilate by improving awareness about the causes and signs of the behavior and establishing appropriate procedures for response . By Richard Lieberman Richard Lieberman is…
Understanding Cultural Issues in Death
Information for Schools and Crisis Response Teams Schools and crisis response workers in many parts of the country will be helping children cope with the concept of death as a result of the war and concern about terrorism.  Some children are suffering a personal loss. Others will have a heightened fear of death either because…
Bullying Prevention and Intervention
Principal Leadership Magazine, Vol 4, Number 1, September 2003 Counseling  101 Column Bullying Prevention and Intervention Even if you aren't receiving complaints, bullying is occurring in your school. Address it before something worse happens. By Ted Feinberg, EdD, NCSP Ted Feinberg is assistant executive director of the National Association of School Psychologists. He practiced as…
Problem-Solving Model for Improving Student Achievement
Principal Leadership Magazine, Vol. 5, Number 4, December 2004 Counseling 101 Column A Problem-Solving Model for Improving Student Achievement Problem solving is an alternative to assessments and diagnostic categories as a means to identify students who need special services. By Andrea Canter Andrea Canter recently retired from Minneapolis Public Schools where she served as lead…

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