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Where Can I Get Phentermine To Lose Weight

It becomes really difficult to choose which product to use when you consider losing weight. There are so many products out there in the market that we get confused about which is genuine and which one is fake. If you have come a long way on your weight loss journey, you must be familiar with Phentermine over-the-counter. Phentermine or Adipex pills is a doctor-prescribed weight loss pill that helps in killing your appetite and, thus, making you not feel hungry and so lose weight. However, this pill is not available without a prescription because it has some extreme side effects that can affect you adversely. But you don’t have to worry as we have brought you the best alternatives to Adipex diet pills which contain natural ingredients. 

About the Phentermine Alternatives pills

Phentermine-over-the-counter pills are prescribed by doctors to suppress the appetite of patients suffering from obesity. This drug was introduced first in 1959, and since then, it has been widely prescribed by doctors as medicine to lose weight. It works to stimulate your neurotransmitters in the central nervous system and, thereby, suppress your hunger. Phentermine over-the-counter is generally prescribed with topiramate which is an anticonvulsant. This drug is only given to those whose BMI is less than 30. Phentermine over-the-counter pills shall not be used unless the patient possesses health risks due to obesity and not merely to look like a model. Moreover, while taking this pill, it is crucial for the patient to exercise and eat healthy foods regularly. Even though it suppresses your hunger, you must meet your basic diet every day. 

Phentermine over-the-counter pills cannot be consumed due to a doctor’s prescription, and it is not always possible that your doctor will prescribe you Phentermine pills. So what to do then? Since chemical-based diet pills have many side effects and risks, it is always good to use pills that use natural ingredients. Here is a list of the five best OTC alternatives to Adipex Pills that you must try. Moreover, you can buy them easily in any pharmacy without any doctor’s prescription. So, it’s a win-win situation. 

5 Best Phentermine Alternatives for 2022

#1. PhenGold: Click Here To Buy (Official Website)

2. PhenQ: Click Here To Buy (Official Website)

#3. PrimeShred: Click Here To Buy (Official Website)

#4. Trimtone: Click Here To Buy (Official Website)

#5. Leanbean: Click Here To Buy (Official Website)

The selection is based on a number of factors like price, safety, reviews, quality, and guarantee of the products. So, keep reading to know more about the best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills. 

5 Best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills

  • PhenQ: Best overall phentermine over the counter alternative
  • PrimeShred: Best fat burner for men
  • Leanbean: Best metabolism booster for women
  • PhenGold: Best phentermine alternative for appetite suppression
  • Trimtone: Highly rated diet pill for fat loss

#1 PhenGold

PhenGold is another excellent substitute for phentermine over-the-counter pills. It also uses scientifically proven natural ingredients which burn fat from our body and help us look leaner and healthier. We all know that the best way to lose weight is to exercise and to eat healthily but is it always possible? During the busy schedule of our office, we generally skip diets and do not get the energy to go to a gym or exercise. But with PhenGold, you can easily lose weight without even having to exercise. 

The benefits of PhenGold are:

  • Burns fat faster
  • Suppresses food cravings 
  • Increases energy to stay active throughout the day
  • Boost our mood 

PhenGold uses the best quality products to make its supplements. The precise amounts of each ingredient combine to create a formula that boosts your metabolism, burns fat, and increases your energy levels. The ingredients for PhenGold were chosen after extensive research. Every clinically-proven element of the formula helps you shed pounds by naturally stimulating your body’s processes. The capsules contain concentrated amounts of each ingredient to provide you with the maximum weight-loss benefits. Another important component is cayenne pepper which helps in activating the fat-cutting enzymes. The green coffee bean is used in PhenGold to excite the body’s thermogenic processes that result in burning fat and eliminating fatigue from the body so that you can effectively continue your workouts.

PhenGold also contains vitamins that boost your mood, including B3, B6, and B12. There is also the presence of amino acids like L-theanine and L-tyrosine that improve fat-burning. PhenGold is also consumed by both men and women and works equally efficiently in both genders. PhenGold is also one of the best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills. It also comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee. So, in case you do not like its outcome, you can return it within 100 days. Moreover, only one dose during your breakfast, that is, three capsules, is needed to keep you active all day. Now let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of PhenGold. 


  • Multi-action formula used to suppress appetite and improve metabolism
  • Clinically proven to be true 
  • Best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills.
  • Suitable for both men and women 
  • Shipping Worldwide
  • Vegan Friendly 


  • If you are sensitive to caffeine, do not consume it

#2 PhenQ

PhenQ is produced by one of the leading brands in the UK, Wolfson Brands Limited, which is a very old company in the supplement industry. This brand has always proved to bring scientifically tested and the best OTC alternatives to the Adipex diet pills. PhenQ is one such product. PhenQ only uses scientifically proven ingredients in its weight loss pills. It improves your body’s metabolism and keeps you away from unnecessary cravings. PhenQ has all the characteristics that Phentermine over-the-counter pills possess. The only difference is you will not have to see a doctor get a pack of PhenQ, and you will have any side effects as it is prominent for Phentermine over-the-counter pills. PhenQ works on every part of your body and eliminates unnecessary fats from every corner of your body, providing a healthy and lean stature without much effort. In fact, it also fastens your muscle buildup and tone up your body muscles. Thus, consuming PhenQ, along with some exercise, can provide you with a perfect model-like posture in no time!

PhenQ can help you in the following ways:

  • Does not let your body store fat
  • Burn fats efficiently
  • Keep you away from snacks cravings 
  • Level up your metabolism 
  • Provides more energy by burning the fats
  • Improves mood and keeps you happy 


The main ingredients in PhenQ are ?-LACYS RESET® which contain alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine base, and magnesium. It is scientifically proven that ?-LACYS RESET® burns fat and suppresses cravings. Alongside this, it also improves the process of thermogenesis. PhenQ also contains Capsimax powder. It helps in boosting the thermogenic process and naturally burns fat layers from the body. The above ingredients help in burning fat from the body, whereas caffeine, nopal cactus, and chromium picolinate are very useful in suppressing your appetite, which reduces your cravings. PhenQ is a complete package of balanced diet pills with all the ingredients being 100% natural. Therefore, there are no side effects, and you do not need any prescription to consume it. Moreover, unlike the above pills, PhenQ can be consumed by both men and women. It has helped thousands of people lose weight without any effort. 


  • Effective for both men and women 
  • 60 days’ money back guarantee
  • Powerful ingredients used
  • A well-balanced approach to weight loss
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Good discount available 


  • It is not available over the counter, and only limited stock is available.

#3 PrimeShred

Gym-going men generally use PrimeShred to reduce the last few pounds of body mass that they find difficult to lose even after regular workouts. It is considered the best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills for men. PrimeShred works exactly in those regions where burning fat is difficult, even after working out. 

Some of the benefits of PrimeShred are

  • Helps in activating particular fat-burning hormones that break down unwanted fats from the body
  • Since fat breakdown is taking place, your body will activate a lot of energies
  • Catalyze the body’s mechanism of natural fat burning, which results in maximum calorie burn.

If you are looking for a pre-workout weight loss supplement, PrimeShred is the best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills. PrimeShred has natural ingredients that will help you lose weight naturally without much effort. It has been specifically made as an alternative to Phentermine but with natural ingredients and fewer drawbacks. 


One of the most important formulas used in this supplement is green tea extract. Green tea is proven to induce weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolism, hence, increasing fat burning efficacy of norepinephrine and reducing the storage of unwanted fat in the body. Another important component is cayenne pepper which helps in activating the fat-cutting enzymes. The green coffee bean is used in PrimeShred to excite the body’s thermogenic processes that result in burning fat and eliminating fatigue from the body so that you can effectively continue your workouts. The ingredients that help in keeping your body active during exercise are L-tyrosine and L-theanine, amino acids. These components improve focus and make an individual feel lively by stimulating the serotonin hormones. Even though this product is effective enough and provides positive results, from an unbiased point of view, we shall show you its positive and negative impacts so that you can understand which product is most suitable for you. 


  • Non-GMO and Vegan 
  • Cheaper than other best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills
  • Good for reducing weight after sudden weight gain
  • 100 days’ money back guarantee
  • Good discounts available 
  • Breaks down stubborn fat 


  • Not suitable for stimulant-sensitive individuals
  • Doesn’t contain any direct appetite ingredients 

#4 Trimtone

In contrast to Primeshred, Trimtone is most suitable for female bodies. It helps in reducing unwanted fats and reducing appetite in females. The medicine contains a formula that installs the process of thermogenesis in the body, which is a process used by your body to burn fun and convert it into energy. 

If you are a gym or exercise person, you must be known about its results. It is also considered as of the best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills. If you work out daily, you may or may not notice any change in your body, but if you consume this pill every day, effortless changes can be seen in your muscles and folds of the body. Trimtone helps in improving the body’s metabolism rate and, thereby, cuts the layers of unwanted fats. 

The mechanisms of Trimtone that helps in losing weight are-

  • By improving the metabolism 
  • Burning off unwanted layers of fat using natural thermogenic ingredients
  • Suppressing the snacks cravings

It isn’t easy to ignore food cravings, and when you do so, you feel like you are becoming weak. Trimtone resists this feeling in your body. It makes you feel full for a longer time so that you only consume food when it is actually needed. The best thing about Trimtone is you do not have to worry about forgetting to take the pills. These days, the hectic schedules at work don’t allow the employees even to have food thrice a day, but if you are planning to lose weight, you will only have to consume one tablet after breakfast to lose weight. And this is why it is the best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills. 


The ingredients used in Trimtone pills are completely natural and without any fillers or additives. It has caffeine as one of its important components that helps in burning calories and dissolving relentless fat to provide energy. Green coffee is also one of the components inTrimtone. It has chlorogenic acid that reduces the production of fat in your body, decreases insulin level, and improve body metabolism. Green tea is also used as an ingredient to stimulate fat-burning hormones. A unique herb, namely grains of paradise, is used in Trimtone, which helps in the process of thermogenesis and regulates sugar levels in your blood to provide energy to perform certain activities throughout the day. This phentermine over-the-counter replacement is the best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills, especially for women. 


  • 100 days’ money back guarantee
  • No bloating after consumption (uses glucomannan)
  • Only one capsule a day during breakfast
  • No additives


  • Not a vegan-friendly product
  • You will have to buy online, 
  • Not available directly at retail shops

#5 LeanBean

LeanBean, again is most suitable for the female body. It also leads the list of the best alternative Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills. So, if you are not being able to give time to your workout properly and want to lose weight without visiting the doctor, LeanBean is the best replacement for Phentermine over-the-counter pills. LeanBean uses glucomannan which is a scientifically proven appetite suppressant. Your mid-diet cravings are solely responsible for your weight gain as the snacks are foods with high carb and sugar values, causing the deposition of unwanted fat on your body. And burning those fats is extremely difficult alone with exercising. That is why you must use pills like LeanBean along with exercise to help you lose weight. 

Now you must be wondering how LeanBean works. It functions in three ways-

  • Improves fat metabolism
  • Suppresses unnecessary cravings  
  • Provides more energy to perform the exercise

The ingredients used in LeanBean are specifically chosen to burn more fat and provide the energy it. This will help you to stay more active throughout the day. Its most important component, glucomannan, helps in losing weight by efficiently suppressing your appetite. Chlorine, zinc, and chromium picolinate are also present that boost your metabolism and eliminate excess fat from your body. The presence of these elements helps in making the digestion process easy, fast and efficient to keep you active throughout the day. Your blood sugar level is also regulated by chromium picolinate. So, if you cannot consume phentermine over-the-counter pills because you have diabetes, LeanBean is the best Phentermine Alternatives Diet Pills. Some herbs like Acai berry, Garcinia Cambogia, and piperine are also present in LeanBean, which accelerates the process of burning fat in your body. Since caffeine is not a very healthy stimulant and can cause side effects to some people, LeanBean uses only a small amount of caffeine and green bean extract. To replace them, natural ingredients like turmeric, Vitamin B12, and B6 are used to keep fatigue away from your body.


  • Specially designed for women 
  • Low stimulants present
  • Many good reviews
  • Glucomannan presence in a good amount
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly 
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women 
  • Not suitable for men

Factors to Choose the Best OTC Alternatives to The Adipex Diet Pills

Since the market is full of weight loss pills, it is very difficult to choose the right one. Especially if you are fond of Phentermine over-the-counter pills, finding its alternative without a doctor’s prescription is also not easy. In fact, even if you do not want phentermine over-the-counter pills, not all weight loss pills are FDA-approved. Therefore, to help you pick the best OTC alternative to the Adipex diet pills, we have chosen a few products based on the following factors:

#1 Dosage

Dosage is indeed an important factor. If you are planning to take weight loss pills, there is a 90% chance that you do not have time to do exercise, so the pills you should be consuming should also match your time schedule. It is best if the pills are to be taken in the morning. The right supplement should also have sufficient doses to lose weight since fewer doses will make no difference, and extreme doses can cause side effects. 

#2 Quality Ingredients

The quality of the brand to be used is also an important factor. With so many options out there, many frauds are selling their products at a high price but with no outcome. If you buy any products randomly from any brands, the pills can also adversely affect you leading to a medical emergency. 

#3 Safety

While choosing an OTC phentermine alternative, people look for pills that have minimal to no side effects. Keeping this in mind, we have chosen only those pills which have no side effects at all. Different people have different reactions to supplements. However, reading user reviews can help you determine how common specific side effects are.

#4 Reviews

Even when we are buying clothes online, we look at the reviews first. Similarly, you will find the efficiency of the products by the reviews of its consumers. This way you will be able to decide for yourself whether to buy the particular product or not!

#5 Price

There are many cheap pills available in the market that are sold by sellers as the best OTC alternatives to the Adipex diet pills. Still, the actual fact is they are not clinically tested and contain many filler ingredients that make them unhealthy for your body, and consuming them can cause severe consequences. 

Advantages of Choosing the Right Product

Phentermine Over-the-counter alternatives are less potent than prescription phentermine, which can be beneficial for people looking for phentermine over-the-counter diet pills that are gentler on the body. There are many benefits of using an over-the-counter natural alternative to Phentermine. Natural alternative ingredients can boost metabolism, energy, and mood, resulting in an overall improvement in your body’s fat-burning processes. Another factor to consider is the medication’s safety. Phentermine is a Schedule IV drug, which means it has the potential to be addictive. Phentermine is prescribed for a limited period to avoid dependency. Most natural phentermine substitutes are safe to take on a daily basis. Dieting can take years to show results; therefore, you can use over-the-counter alternatives to attain fast results. 

Side Effects of Phentermine Prescription Pills

It is known without saying that every prescribed medicine, no matter how useful it is, has some side effects and risks. And so, doctors will only prescribe you this medicine when the benefits overpower the risks of the drug. Therefore, if you do not have any major health issues other than obesity, you are eligible for this drug. The reason for this is phentermine prescription pills can increase one’s blood pressure, anxiety, and heart palpitation. The drug works by acting on your nervous system and preventing overeating. Additionally, this drug helps in burning more fat to provide energy that lowers the number of unwanted fats in your body. 

Some of the common side effects include-

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Insomnia

Apart from the above symptoms, there can be other problems in the patient’s body, like mood changes, irregular heartbeat, trouble moving or speaking, seizures, vision changes, etc. The risks increase with the duration you are using the pills. Long-term intake of such appetite suppressants can cause serious heart or lung issues like pulmonary hypertension. If you are a diabetes patient and have hypertension, glaucoma, substance abuse, heart disease, and mood disorders, using over-the-counter phentermine pills can exacerbate your problems. Some patients also have experienced depression, severe anxiety, restlessness, and suicide ideation due to this drug. 

However, the good news is that Adipex pills rarely have an allergic reaction in patients’ bodies. But yet, you must diagnose it beforehand. Allergic reactions to Adipex pills can cause itching, rash, swelling around the throat, face, and mouth, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing. You don’t have to worry about addiction, as Phentermine over-the-counter pills are Schedule IV drugs and have a very low risk of dependence or abuse. However, if you stop using the pills, you might experience some withdrawal symptoms like depression and fatigue. 


Phentermine drug is a very strong weight loss drug and cannot be used like any other drug. That is why a doctor’s prescription is needed to get access to it. In fact, the risks associated with Phentermine are also high. If you have any major disease, you are not eligible to have it. It also doesn’t suit everybody. So, why use such risky and high-power drugs when you have many other natural and easy-to-get pills? To make your work easy, we have listed the five best OTC alternatives to Adipex pills. 

Just like Phentermine, most of them also suppress your cravings for snacks to help you maintain a proper diet. The best way to control your weight is to eat healthily, have sufficient sleep, and work out daily. But if you are facing severe health issues due to weight gain and want to lose it easily, you can take the help of the phentermine over-the-counter alternatives and achieve your desired results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy Phentermine online?

Without prescriptions, you cannot purchase Phentermine over the counter. You might well be able to purchase Phentermine online, but doing so without a prescription is unlawful. Phentermine, like stimulants, can cause an increased heart rate, stress, and other complications. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use it.

Can Phentermine be replaced with a natural remedy?

Trimtone is a great phentermine replacement since it contains caffeine, green coffee bean extracts, and green tea in addition to glucomannan. Trimtone has a comparable composition to other treatments for a legitimate reason: its components are scientifically proven.

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