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The Exodus Effect Reviews

Most religious practices frequently include anointing oil. Using simple instructions from The Exodus Effect, both Christians and non-Christians can make their healing oil from organic components. It is completely non-stimulant and non-addictive. Longevity and well-being are associated with the active components.

Famous biblical figures like Methuselah, Adam, and Ibrahim, among others, are said to have used the anointing oil regularly, according to the Exodus Effect’s inventors. The “key” component of the anointing oil was lost during the translation of the scriptures into several languages, nevertheless.

According to Pastor Andrew and Dr. Benet of Divine Origins LLC, there is ample scientific and scriptural support for the idea that CBD oil can improve one’s bodily, mental, and spiritual well-being. The creators claim that the cannabis plant was Kaneh-original Bosem’s reference. The word was incorrectly translated into “Calamus,” which is a term for a herb with little medicinal properties. The benefits of God’s initial anointing oil are purportedly listed in Exodus 30:22. Anointing oil that promotes health was produced from the cannabis plant in the Bible and can:

  • Reduce persistent body, muscular, and joint pain
  • increase resistance
  • increase in blood flow
  • Encourage digestion
  • strengthen belief in God
  • Deal with sleep disorders

The Exodus Effect creators maintain that biblical marijuana contained no THC components and did not have any psychoactive effects.

What Causes the Exodus Effect?

Pastor Andrew cautions that while some Christians may support the medical use of cannabis, the majority of Christians may not. Today, marijuana use is linked to mental health problems and is thought to have unpleasant side effects when used frequently.

Pure CBD oil derived from premium hemp is a component of The Exodus Effect. The Exodus Effect quickly absorbs into the system and offers customers considerable health advantages when combined with other natural extracts. The endocannabinoid system is strengthened and improved by the Exodus Effect, according to Dr. Benet. It enhances several functions, including respiration, circulation, and digestion. Similarly to this, CBD can prevent excessive cortisol production, allowing the body to properly control anxiety. It can boost immunity and reduce harmful inflammation.

Key Components of the Exodus Effect

The creators of the Exodus Effect assert that by combining cinnamon, cannabis, myrrh, cassia, and olive oil, you may recreate the original anointing oil from the Bible. The detailed instructions claim to show how anyone can make THC-free CBD oil in the convenience of their own home. To give customers the promised health benefits, the dosage must be strong and current.

  • Cannabis

Natural cannabinoid molecules are essential for the healthy operation of the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). According to a variety of studies, toxicity, a poor diet, and the usage of specific herbs can diminish cannabinoid levels, weakening the ECS. Cannabis contains CBD components that provide cannabinoids to the body, enhancing its functioning. According to Dr. Benet, CBD oil can reduce pain, especially in the joints, muscles, and back. It might treat persistent headaches and migraines when taken at specific doses. Additionally, pyre CBD oil is a key component in treating the symptoms of stress. There is a lot of evidence that it can ease anxiety and encourage relaxation. The Exodus Effect’s creators assert that it could help people sleep better and fight insomnia.

Cannabis contains a substance called cannabidiol (CBD). THC, the psychotropic component of cannabis, is absent from CBD. But CBD and the endocannabinoid system interact. The endocannabinoid system controls immunological response, mood, hunger, sleep, and pain. According to studies, CBD may be able to lessen chronic pain. Indeed, several research proposes that CBD might even displace opiates as a painkiller. CBD functions by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain. These receptors work together to control pain.

  • Myrrh

One of the most popular herbs in the Bible is myrrh, which is also frequently used in anointing oils. The Exodus Effect’s creators assert that the herb can treat a variety of common conditions, including gout, leprosy, arthritis, and gastritis. Myrrh is a potent antioxidant, according to scientists, and it helps strengthen the body’s defenses against disease. The risk of certain illnesses, including diabetes and cardiac difficulties, may also be lowered by myrrh.

  • Acacia

An herbal extract called acacia gum has been found to enhance joint performance. Polysaccharides found in acacia gum link water molecules together. Acacia gum is now simpler to absorb. The body can absorb more nutrients from food thanks to this feature. Additionally, it facilitates better vitamin and mineral absorption and digestion.

Acacia gum enhanced rheumatoid arthritis patients’ knee function, according to one study. In just four weeks, a different study found that acacia helped patients with osteoarthritis have better joint mobility.

  • Cassia

An herbal extract called cassia can increase blood flow and promote muscle health. According to experts, it can strengthen blood vessels and reduce the possibility of getting hypertension. It can also reduce fat buildup around the arteries and LDL (bad cholesterol). According to certain research, cassia may help to keep blood sugar levels stable. It is said to lessen insulin resistance and may speed up fat metabolism.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is commonly used in homes to spice food. The enticing component is a detoxifying substance that can reduce blood toxic levels. It also helps with cell regeneration by battling free radicals. Numerous studies have demonstrated that cinnamon can help with weight loss and boost energy levels. It might speed up breathing, enhance digestion, and decrease appetite.

Regarding Pastor Andrew

The author of Exodus Effect is a man by the name of Pastor Andrew. He identifies himself as a lifelong theological student who has spent the last 30 years attempting to understand why biblical characters lived two to three times longer than people today. Andrew asserts. Biblical characters typically lived to be 200–300 years old or more. Our current 80-year life expectancies are the result of declining life expectancies over time.

According to Andrew’s research, the year 333 AD saw a sharp decline in life expectancy. Additionally, Symmachus translated the Bible into Greek during this year. At this period, Andrew discovered a nearly “universal” decline in life expectancy. Life expectancy abruptly fell around the world.

To cut a long story short, Andrew discovered that the decline in life expectancy was caused by a single incorrectly translated Bible word. Now that Andrew has correctly interpreted that term, he has unveiled God’s hidden healing oil, which may be used by anybody to treat illness, cure disease, alleviate all pain, extend life by hundreds of years, and address almost any health issue in the entire world.

They Don’t Want You to See The Hidden Path to Healing: The Exodus Effect

The author claims that powerful pharmaceutical firms, governments, and other parties are attempting to stifle the use of Biblical healing oil. After Andrew discovered the Biblical healing oil, powerful individuals started making attempts to get it taken down from the internet and ruin Andrew’s research. Pharmaceutical firms, governments, and other parties, according to Andrew, are responsible for the attack because they do not want the world to have access to curative oil. If these enigmatic forces are successful, they could be able to decide what happens to the strange healing oil.

Before it is permanently removed from the internet, you can learn the recipe for the sacred healing oil by downloading Exodus Effect right now.

What Will The Exodus Effect Teach You?

Biblical-era foods, cures, and wellness techniques are included in The Exodus Effect. These treatments are all allegedly based on Andrew’s studies into the Bible and can resolve a variety of health issues.

Exodus Effect touches on several subjects, such as:

  • How to Heal Yourself Using a Revolutionary Biblical Oil: 

Exodus Effect originator Pastor Andrew asserts to have found a mistranslated term in the Bible. Life expectancies decreased as a result of that error in 333 AD, the same year Symmachus completed his translation of the Bible. According to Andrew, humans used to live for 200 to 300 years or more before the year 333 AD. After that, the average lifespan decreased to barely 35 years before ultimately increasing to the current 80-year norm. You may learn about the exact healing oil recipe, how it extends your life, and how to utilize the oil to treat different conditions in The Exodus Effect.

Dr. Benet’s Perilous Finding Dr. Sula Benet was the person responsible for finding the incorrectly translated word. She discovered the error in 1939 and hypothesized that it would result in the discovery of the miraculous healing oil.

  • Why the Bible Supports Cannabis Use:

“Kanabos” is the incorrectly translated word in the Bible. The name was interpreted by early scholars to refer to a distinct plant. Pastor Andrew and other people today think the Bible has references to the cannabis plant. That is why the cannabis-based cure is used in Exodus Effect’s therapeutic oil.

  • Amazing Healers for a Wide Range of Diseases and Conditions: 

Exodus Effect’s official website claims that, among “51 other” dangerous ailments, the cannabis-based healing oil can treat arthritis, autoimmune disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, prostate issues, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s. Making the oil at home and using it as directed are said to be effective treatments for several serious health issues.

  • Why It Might Modify What Being a Christian Means: 

According to the official website, the revelation of the incorrectly translated word and Pastor Andrew’s effort “runs against everything [Christians] ever thought.” Many Christians abstain from using marijuana and other narcotics, or at the very least they think the Bible forbids it. Christians could have to decide “between their old beliefs, or their agony” because the incorrectly translated word relates to marijuana.

  • How Left-Wing Elites and the US Government Are Seizing Control: 

Because powerful individuals oppose the dissemination of the healing oil, Pastor Andrew is convinced that his writings will soon be taken off the internet. In addition to “PACs, the IRS, big pharma, and left-wing agendas,” Andrew blames “the US government” in general for attempting to halt the release of the healing oil.

Cannabis is The Secret Healing Oil

According to The Exodus Effect, cannabis oil can be used for medical purposes. You can learn about the advantages of creating cannabis “anointed oil” in Exodus Effect, as well as how to utilize it for your health and the reasons why certain health conditions call for its use. Exodus Effect covers a variety of subjects, some of which are listed below:

  • How to manufacture authentic holy anointing oil quickly and easily, according to God’s original design?
  • How to repair Alzheimer’s, diabetes, dementia, and arthritis using anointed oil?
  • How the anointed oil encourages cellular vitality?
  • How can the anointed oil help you change your body, mind, and soul to better worship God and accept his blessings?

What Is the Bible’s Position on Cannabis?

The Exodus Effect is founded on the premise that cannabis can be used to treat ailments, reduce chronic pain, and lengthen life. All of this is true? Does the mistranslated term “cannabis,” which has been associated with Biblical medicinal properties, actually appear in the Bible? Although it’s not clear if the Bible directly endorses cannabis or if it refers to other herbs and plants, claims that the Bible does refer to the ability of plants to cure. The following are some passages from the Bible that speak to plants’ ability to heal:

  • The Bible endorses the use of different seeds and herbs for therapeutic purposes because God created and blessed them for that reason.
  • Christians are permitted to consume hemp for sustenance and medicinal, as well as for recreational purposes, by Genesis 1:12.
  • The Bible also says that all herbs are given for food in Genesis 1:29–31.
  • Some people think hemp is the “plant of fame” that the Bible refers to as having medicinal qualities (Ezekiel 34:29).

There is evidence of herb usage in Israel and other ancient Middle Eastern nations, and the Bible acknowledges the use and misuse of herbs, especially excessive wine consumption.

The use of hemp as a therapeutic plant generally appears to be covered in the Bible. In addition, as highlighted by Pastor Andrew and the Exodus Effect team, because God anoints hemp like all other herbs and seeds, the Bible may support its usage as a therapeutic oil.

Exodus Effect Comes With Bonuses

All Exodus Effect purchases come with several free eBooks as part of a 2022 promotion. Exodus Effect is available for immediate download after being purchased online. Bonus eBooks consist of:

  • eBook Bonus No. 1: Divine Pet This eBook describes how to use anointed oil on your cat or dog to help them live longer, healthier lives that are pain-free and joyful.
  • Bonus eBook #2: The Lazarus Effect describes how to apply Lazarus’ long-lost longevity techniques to extend your life by 5 to 15 years or more (and the lifespan of your loved one).
  • Third bonus eBook: Secret Prayers This eBook includes 33 prayers that were formerly concealed in the Bible. The power of anointed oil can be greatly increased by prayers, providing you with even quicker relief. With the help of these prayers, you can experience strong healing as you’ve never had before.
  • All Exodus Effect purchases now include bonus access to the Prayer Warrior Network, a community of thousands of Christians committed to praying for you and your healing every day. It is comparable to holding hands in prayer with tens of thousands of other Christians.

Who Is Responsible For Making This Healing Oil? How Do You Book?

This incredible manual, which teaches you how to make a healing oil or anointing oil to enhance health, was primarily created by Divine Origins LLC. The company Divine Origins LLC is situated in Miami. Divine Origins LLC, in contrast to many pharmaceutical businesses, wants to give considerable health advantages through its recipe for the anointing oil and guidebook.

The crucial information provided in the manual written by Pastor Andrew can help you lower your blood pressure, get in shape, live longer, get rid of chronic pain, improve digestion, and experience many other significant improvements in your body. One business, Divine Origins LLC, has used Exodus Effect Oil to bridge the gap between Christians and non-Christians.

According to the business, the healing oil is a “manna” for everyone, irrespective of gender, religion, caste, creed, and other socially stigmatizing distinctions.

The Exodus: What Impact Did It Have on the Origin of Oil?

The Bible had been carefully hidden from the general public for millennia from the healing oil that was stated in the eBook (either unintentionally or on purpose). In actuality, the anointing oil in question is a novel or innovative creation. What is the story behind the disclosure of this long-kept anointing oil recipe?

The recipe for the anointing oil that is described in Pastor Andrew’s eBook was developed after he discovered a mistranslated word while translating the Bible. Kanabec was the incorrect translation of this term. In Pastor Andrew’s opinion, the term that was mistranslated as “cannabis” and is associated with the cannabis plant could indeed imply that. As we all know, the cannabis plant, along with other related plants like marijuana, is regarded as somewhat forbidden. But thanks to Pastor Andrew’s new finding, things may now be different for both Christians and non-Christians. The use of the anointing oil, which contains cannabis as its primary ingredient, may very well imply that individuals can stay fit for a longer period if they can get over their outdated beliefs and accept the different health benefits of the cannabis plant.

The Exodus Effect Book’s Advantages – What does the book instruct us and give us?

The Exodus Effect book offers knowledge on a wide range of topics, including wellness practices, essential oils, and health advice. We will mention some of this data in this section of the Exodus Effect review:

  • Helps you to stay in the best shape of your life

By preventing your body from interacting with the CB1 receptors, the holy oil suggested in the Exodus Effect book aids in weight loss. It has been demonstrated through science that overweight and obese people have more CB1 receptors. Additionally, it aids in hunger suppression, which aids in weight loss and the development of a slender body figure.

  • Optimal Blood Sugar

One of the most prevalent health issues in today’s society is high blood sugar. It can become the main factor in many other health issues if it is not treated. You can maintain and control your blood sugar levels with the use of this anointing oil formula. It aids in minimizing, and ultimately getting rid of, blood sugar swings. For normal blood sugar levels, the author advises mixing this holy oil into your preferred chocolate dish and eating it.

  • Using Divine Coffee to Boost Energy

You should mix a small amount of this anointing oil with a potent fat burner in the morning to get a spiritual boost. With the addition of olive oil, your morning coffee will be more energizing and nutritious. This will not only help you have more energy, but it will also make you more effective in your daily tasks. By raising serotonin levels and maintaining a cheerful outlook, according to Pastor Andrew, this anointing oil may also aid in protecting you against mental health issues.

  • diminished flexibility or mobility

You can take this oil with additional myrrh added if you feel that your body is less flexible and free. Your body’s flexibility and mobility would greatly improve as a result. The original anointing oil functions by easing joint stiffness and lowering inflammation. Less pain is also felt throughout the body as a result of this. As the cannabis plant has been shown by the study to promote joint health and prevent joint health issues, it can also help with chronic pain and arthritis.

  • A more vibrant, youthful appearance

You can add this holy oil from the tropics to your food to give yourself a more youthful glow and appearance. You will have fewer wrinkles on your face after ingesting for a while. It makes you glow and feel young while helping to tighten your skin.

Additionally, 12 recipes that you can prepare at home with this oil and use to naturally reduce weight will be given to you. Pastor Andrew is convinced that these recipes gave people a radiant glow in the past, which benefitted many of them. The recipes list ingredients that have been supported by data and scientific studies. Therefore, it is reasonable to claim that they may be the solution to several skin-related health issues, including eczema, dry and flaky skin, etc.

  • Severe Pain Or Discomfort

You can relieve extreme agony and pain by consuming the spices listed in the recipe along with the anointing oil. Exodus Effect claims that when you combine these spices with the healing oil, your productivity will increase by 2000%.

  • Divine Proportion

The book includes a variety of food dishes along with instructions for how to prepare them using this holy oil. These dishes would serve many health functions and assist in addressing several health issues, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular illnesses, stress, etc., in a variety of ways.

  • Unbreakable

Unquestionably, those mentioned in the Bible had a higher average life expectancy and longer lifespans than modern humans. This is because their physique as a whole was in better shape than ours. Better bones are a crucial component of a better physique. The Exodus Effect book offers details regarding a herb that aids in strengthening and lessening the fragility of your bones under the unbreakable section. Scientific testing and laboratory demonstration of the effects of this supplement on bone health have also been made.

Exodus Effect: How Does It Work?

We are all aware that the human body is a vast system of various components, each of which has a different purpose but which is connected. Therefore, if one component does not perform well, the other components will eventually become affected and begin to function less effectively as well. In the Exodus Effect book, there are recipes for making oil at home using organic products that can help you take care of your body and its many components. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities of the writer’s discovery of the secret oil combination can be utilized by mixing it with any of your favorite dishes to create a meal.

The Scientific Support for Its Effectiveness

The Exodus Effect book’s elements serve as the basis for the scientific data used to verify its veracity. All of the components used to create this holy oil are natural and have been thoroughly researched, tested, and confirmed to work. A few pieces of proof regarding each of the components utilized in the healing oil are shown below.

Cannabidiol is the primary component utilized in the production of holy oil (CBD). It is well known for having strong anti-inflammatory effects and for easing pain. A survey on CBD (hemp extract) was undertaken to learn more about the perspectives and attitudes of patients, and it was discovered that the majority of them had a favorable opinion of CBD products as treatments.

The patients’ responses indicated that CBD was safe, non-addictive, and effective at reducing pain. The immune system is strengthened by the antioxidant qualities of myrrh, which also enhance immunological response and cellular health. An investigation into the effects of Commiphora molmol extract (myrrh) on body weight and blood cholesterol levels was conducted on mice, and the results revealed that it possesses analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hyperlipidemic properties. Additionally, it was shown that it prevents mice from gaining weight and helps to enhance their blood lipid profile.

Making the Exodus Effect oil with olive oil helps to maintain good cholesterol levels, encourages weight loss, lessens inflammation, and lowers the chance of developing chronic illnesses. A 2022 study found a connection between olive oil and a longer lifespan in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. It was noted that persons who consumed slightly more than half a tablespoon of olive oil daily had a 19% lower risk of passing away in the next 28-year period and that it also helps lessen the risks of several health ailments.

The Exodus Effect book also lists cassia and cinnamon as the other two organic ingredients. By numerous scientists and research facilities, they have also been examined scientifically and confirmed to have positive effects on health.

The Exodus Effect Should Be Used by Whom?

Anyone dealing with immediate to serious health issues ought to study and use The Exodus Effect book. Anyone who is struggling with a chronic illness, such as stress, pain, inflammation, a heart attack, a stroke, overthinking, etc., is eligible.

What Does The Exodus Effect Book Cost?

Only on its official website can you buy the Exodus Effect book online. You must pay $67 and complete the ordering procedures listed below if you wish to buy a physical copy of the Exodus Effect book:

  • The first step is to fill out a form on their official website, where you must provide information such as your location, phone number, and email address.
  • Choosing an Exodus Effect bundle and checking out are the second and last steps.
  • Because the money-back guarantee in the book varies depending on where you are, be sure to enter your location precisely in this step.

How Does The Refund Policy Stand?

The book’s users are given a guaranteed money-back guarantee. If you live in the US and are dissatisfied with the book, you have access to a 365-day return policy that is guaranteed to meet your needs. However, if you are based outside the US (an international user), you are given a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the book.

This means that if they are unhappy with the outcomes or decide they are no longer interested in the book, any user may request a full refund of the money they spent on it.

Real customer feedback about Exodus Effect is revealed in reviews.

A holy oil that has various health benefits and can be manufactured using only five entirely natural materials is described in the Exodus Effect book, along with the formula and production method. Customers’ real-world benefits of reading this book are demonstrated in a large number of customer reviews. Customers have stated in numerous Exodus Effect reviews that the book has made a significant difference in easing pain in various body parts, including the feet, joints, and other areas. Its natural oil formulation has assisted those who are dealing with conditions like arthritis, heart disease, stroke, etc.

Most of the high-quality, potent natural oil that may be manufactured at home is mentioned by the book’s users. They have been able to maintain healthy body weight, lessen discomfort and inflammation, look younger, have improved flexibility, and have calmed their brains thanks to this oil.

According to reviews, the healing oil is an all-encompassing compound that has enhanced users’ general physical, mental, and cognitive health. Regardless of gender or physical attributes, it is effective for everyone. It has been shown that frequently ingesting Exodus Effect oil in combination with a variety of delectable meal recipes is good for their health.


We all know that after reading The Exodus Effect book, you’ll be making the oil yourself. As a result, you must manufacture this oil with the utmost care. Please add the ingredients in the amount specified in the book The Exodus Effect. Don’t add any additional substances that aren’t listed in The Exodus Effect book by yourself. Additionally, please make sure that you are strictly following the instructions provided in the book. Avoid using this oil excessively as it may be hazardous to your health.

Please be sure to read The Exodus Effect book completely and without skipping a page because failing to comprehend the oil-making process fully could be damaging to your health. If you follow the recommendations in The Exodus Effect book, you will undoubtedly be able to improve your health in several ways and create a wonderful oil recipe with its help.

What range of prices does the book fall under?

The Exodus Effect book is reasonably priced, which will please you. Only $47 will be required to get it delivered to your home. You only need to buy it through the business’s official website, after which the company will be in charge of sending the book to your home. Because of this, you just need to pay this amount to purchase a copy of The Exodus Effect; the company does not impose any additional fees that are not disclosed to clients.

How and where can you get the book?

Anyone can readily purchase The Exodus Effect book from the business’s official website. To buy this book, just follow these simple instructions. You must first enter your information into a form. You must provide your contact information in this, including your phone number, email address, home location, etc. The Exodus Effect book must then be selected from among all the offerings the business offers.

After that, pay for The Exodus Effect book and you’ll be able to know that it is offered at a reasonable price. You can pay for it using any online payment method, especially credit cards, for whatever you use at the time. Following that, the business will begin the shipment process, which shouldn’t take more than 5 to 6 business working days.

What additional services will you receive once you’ve purchased the book?

The Exodus Effect booksellers make sure you won’t be let down in any manner. With the help of the policies they give you, you can be confident that The Exodus Effect book will function as intended. Because of the customer care services, if you have any questions about how this oil will be working, you can contact them via the official website and they will respond right away. The Exodus Effect book can be purchased from their official website for a significant discount, and you will be happy to hear that they assist you in taking advantage of these offers.

You just need to buy The Exodus Effect book from the official website, and then it is the company’s job to safely deliver The Exodus Effect book to your home. As a result, you shouldn’t worry about how you will obtain The Exodus Effect book at your home.

What use do such books and oil serve?

Books like The Exodus Effect are absolutely necessary in our lives. Typically, when we buy things from the market, the potentially dangerous ingredients included have a significant negative impact on our health. Because of this, we constantly consider and seek for solutions that are wholly nutritional and can only provide you a range of advantages. For this reason, you can get The Exodus Effect book, which provides instructions on how to produce oil on your own. Because there is no danger that it contains any pollutants, if you manufacture this oil yourself, you will be able to combat many issues with ease.

The oil will already have the additives that you will add to it. Because of this, you can use this oil to combat a variety of issues. No matter how much exercise a person performs each day or what kind of diet he follows, the human body experiences a myriad of health problems for which he is helpless. Numerous health issues can be found in the human body, so we must take care of it and combat any issues that arise. Switching to nutritional oils like these, which you may obtain after reading The Exodus Effect, is one of the simplest options. in order for you to create this oil for all of your medical issues.


As a conclusion to our Exodus Effect review, we can state that because so many people around the world have purchased it, it is a book that is worth your time, effort, and money.

It has brought about several health advantages, including less discomfort, weight loss, and enhanced immune response. Additionally, you can make this holy oil at home without the help of a professional. The components used to create this holy oil are all natural and have undergone rigorous testing. Adults with a variety of medical conditions can ingest the Exodus Effect oil with complete safety. 

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