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Model School-Based Mental Health Programs That Make A Difference

Exemplary Mental Health Programs: School Psychologists As Mental Health Providers

Now available: The third edition of Exemplary Mental Health Programs: School Psychologists As Mental Health ProvidersClick here to download the order form, or view the programs online.

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) publication Exemplary Mental Health Programs: School Psychologists As Mental Health Providers is now available in response to the growing demand by policy makers and school administrators for programs that make a sustained contribution to the development and achievement of children. As the federal government makes decisions about funding Safe and Drug Free Schools and Title I, they are demanding that school districts implement programs that are research-based and proven to work.

Dr. Bonnie Nastasi, NASP Leader and Professor of School Psychology at SUNY-Albany, surveyed school psychologists across the country to locate the most effective school-based mental health programs. The programs were selected on the basis of several criteria including: integrating theory, research and practice; providing a continuum of mental health services; outcomes data; and showing a team-based approach to mental health programming. These programs demonstrate the type of collaborative strategies that are central to school reform initiatives.

The programs address a range of critical issues facing schools today including developing social skills, substance abuse prevention, violence prevention, and crisis intervention. From a grieving support group in Idaho to a parent/teacher education program in Rhode Island, this book shows school psychologists involved in cost effective school-based programs that help children and youth overcome barriers to learning.

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