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Noom Weight Loss Program

Noom Reviews: Diet Weight Loss Program, Meal Plan & Food List

In the past, people did not care or know much about their health concerns. Nowadays, most people all over the world are more conscious about their overall health and know how to improve it. However, the most annoying health issue disturbs most people. 

It makes people look for effective and result-focused weight loss programs and diets to attain healthy weight loss. If you are one of those people, you do not need to go anywhere or seek anything like that when an effective weight loss program is available online. Yes, Noom Weight Loss Program allows you to lose your extra pounds naturally and safely.

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What Exactly Is The Weight Loss Program?

Noom is a health app that steers you on the right path to shred your extra body weight naturally and securely. In this weight loss program, you will completely forget the term “diet.” This is because it is not a traditional diet program, restricting you from consuming your preferred food items. Instead, it is a subscription-based service, encouraging you to make your behavioral changes easily to lead a healthy life.

The health app is not new for health-conscious people, who have attained their weight loss goals effectively and affordably through it. It has been gaining extreme popularity in the health industry since its launch in 2008. However, at its launch, the weight loss program was a simple fitness, functioning as an efficient calorie tracker. 

However, the app was incorporated with a behavioral and psychology change module, personal coaches, and user support groups in 2016. These changes make the program more popular among many weight loss aspirants.

Why Should You Choose The Weight Loss Program?

Many men and women struggle hard to drop their extra body weight because losing that bothersome weight is not easy. However, with vast technological development, losing your extra pounds has become simpler by downloading and following some health apps. Although you can find many such apps onlin3e, the Noom health app is unique. It simplifies your weight loss endeavor without following a strict diet plan or doing some strenuous exercises. In addition to helping you crush your fitness goals, the app helps you stay on track.

Noom is the most accepted weight loss app at present. It does not force you to follow a strict diet routine or forego your favorite food items. It is an effective, psychology-based, and result-driven mobile health app encouraging daily behavioral changes to maintain a healthy weight throughout your life. It has been designed for long-term and permanent weight loss. You can directly dive into your daily psychology of eating and reduce as much weight as you like naturally and safely.

Additionally, the Noom diet plan has rapidly grown to become one of the highest searched diets since its launch in 2008. People who use the health app of Noom and follow a healthy lifestyle can rest guaranteed that they can lose their extra pounds consistently every week. It is neither a diet-restricted weight loss program nor an exercised-crammed program. Instead, it is an effective program for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Noom has a team of behavioral health specialists with a thorough knowledge of diabetes, oncology, disease prevention and management, and hypertension. They have the required skill to design the app professionally, allowing you to successfully come out of your weight loss combats. The diet specialist, nutritionists, and other health experts of Noom focus mainly on their attitude before they pay attention to meals. The philosophy of the Noom health app is to assist you in forming new neural associations and eventually modifying your habits.

Nowadays, losing weight using the Noom health app means getting constant and healthy weight loss by:

  • Probing eating activities
  • Managing feelings associated with food
  • Making lifestyle changes
  • Practicing responsibility

Thus, with these simple-to-follow principles, you can attain a healthy weight loss and maintain a healthy weight throughout your lifecycle.

Although the Noom weight loss program has been designed to last for 16 weeks, you have the option to buy it for 8 weeks, as well, by considering your weight loss goals and weight management. The app also aids you considerably in letting you know the number of calories you had left in each food category for the day. The diet plan and the lessons of Noom will help you significantly examine what activated you to take bad food every day or week.

The Uniqueness Of The Noom Weight Loss Program

Unlike other weight loss programs that need users to avoid their preferred foods and do a group of hard-to-do exercises, Noom is unique in its weight loss goals. Noom uses a nutritious food-ranking system, understanding the mental factors behind weight administration. It aids you considerably in exploring certain eating behaviors and choosing the foodstuff you do.

Noom is a health and weight loss program app that allows users to put an end to dieting and get enduring results. The app has 45 million downloads in 100 countries, including the U.K., U.S., Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The health app is perfectly designed with philosophy from psychology in users’ minds to help them develop healthy habits that will assist them in losing weight and maintaining it.

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Another uniqueness of the Noom weight loss program is that after attaining your weight loss goals, Noom will allocate you a calorie count to hit daily, together with some information about the way to restore your eating and exercise habits. It also uses a color-coded database, which classifies many food items rich in essential nutrients.

Moreover, the Noom health app is designed with a step counter, so you can know the number of steps you have taken when you have your Smartphone with you all day. The app also helps you to know the readings of your everyday blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and water intake.

Noom allows users to view an analysis of their foods, as well, while they log them throughout the day. This shows which foods are categorized as yellow, green, or red, the number of calories consumed in each group, and their total daily calorie consumption.

The Noom Weight Loss Program promotes regular exercise, as well, by setting everyday step goals and providing users like you with a general workout guide. You will be capable of logging your physical activities in the health app, which offers a long list of exercises to decide on. If you have a Smartphone, the app will connect with your Health app automatically to display your total daily steps.

Above all, you will have the option to enable notifications and set up food reminders at exact times during the day.

How Does The Weight Loss Program Work?

The Noom weight loss program aims to help users lose extra body weight by creating a calorie shortage. You may experience a deficit in your calorie intake when you constantly eat foods with fewer calories. When you intake fewer calories, you may not get the energy to burn your consumed calories. 

The Noom Weight Loss Program estimates your everyday calorie requirements according to age, gender, weight, and height. It gives replies to a sequence of lifestyle questions. The health app uses an algorithm to approximate how many calories you have to eat daily according to your goal weight and period, a calorie budget. However, the health app does not permit a daily calorie budget below 1,400 calories for males and 1,200 calories for females> This is due to security reasons and guaranteeing enough nutrition.

The Noom weight loss app works effectively to help users accomplish their desired weight loss goals naturally and safely. Getting started with a diet plan of Noom involves attending an online quiz program for 10 minutes and answering the questions asked in the quiz. Attending the online quiz program of Noom will aid you considerably in getting a customized diet plan.

The quiz will contain your body weight, height, age, and gender. You may also need to answer why you need to lose weight. The quiz will also include questions on your active lifestyle and eating habits and your underlying conditions, if any, such as heart disease, diabetes, and depression. You may also need to answer questions on your earlier life events that have made you put weight and your incapability to reduce your excess body weight.  

Once you have finished the quiz, you may need to pay for the subscription, download the Noom health app on your Smartphone, Tablet, or iPad, and create your login details. The app is compatible with the latest version of Android and iOS operating systems. Once you have downloaded the app and installed it on your device, you may be requested to sign in using the email address you provided while joining the program.

Once you log in, you will get your calorie plan by meeting your trainers and committing yourself to lessons. You will undergo 10 small classes for 16 weeks that will educate you on psychology and behavioral changes. You can attend the daily class according to your available time, ranging from five to 16 minutes. Within 2 days of the commencement of lessons, a well-trained coach will meet you twice a week to enquire about your progress and send motivational texts.

After some days of the weight loss program, you will be assigned a group instructor and a peer group. The group will offer you some handy weight loss tips. You can also clarify your doubts personally with the coach. The group coach and the goal coach are trained in all aspects of weight management. Each of them will usually be a degree holder with a wellness experience of more than 2,000 hours.

The restrictions on your calorie intake will be based on the information you provided during the quiz program. If you are a pre-diabetic or obese person, Noom might suggest a program to prevent diabetes. The program will use evidence-based case studies to effectively help you prevent type 2 diabetes.

You will get a personalized diet plan that will assign you a daily calorie intake, the minimum amount to make yourself active during the day. You may need to note down your daily physical activities and meals. You can read short articles on mindful eating, optimistic thinking, and stress relief by dedicating your free time from two minutes to 10 minutes a day.

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Three-Day Example Meal Program Of Noom

Noom offers a sample diet plan for three days on the diet that users have to follow.

First Day

Breakfast: Apple, Banana, and nut oatmeal prepared with rapid-cooking oats, almond or skim milk, flaxseed, honey, and walnuts.

Morning snack: Sweet potato chips prepared with spices, sugar, chili powder, cumin, and salt

Lunch: Butternut crush bisque prepared with olive oil, fat-free chicken broth, onion, garlic, plain yogurt, sweet red peppers, and seasonings.

Afternoon snack: Toasted anchovy tomato made with low-fat mozzarella cheese, French baguette onion, diced tomatoes, and pesto.

Evening snack: Three-berry A compote containing three berries, such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, made with nutmeg, maple syrup, and grated orange peel.

Dinner: Green bean salad and Eggplant containing onion, vermicelli noodles, extra virgin olive oil, oyster sauce, fish sauce, hoisin sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, scallions, rice wine vinegar, and sesame seeds.

Second Day

Breakfast: Frittata made with tomato, spinach, olive oil, egg whites, scallions, grape tomatoes, and low-salt mozzarella cheese, served with one slice of toasted wholegrain bread that contains a low amount of sodium.

Morning snack: Creamy dill and cucumber salad with cucumber, rice-wine vinegar, low-fat yogurt, dill, red onion, and seasonings

Lunch: A squash stuffed with herbs  made with corn, barley, celery, scallions, olive oil, pine nuts, and seasonings

Afternoon snack: A bite of fig and prosciutto tortilla made of whole grain, chives, and gorgonzola cheese.

Dinner: Wrapping of lean pork lettuce prepared from whole grain rice, Bibb lettuce, pork, garlic, ginger, red bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, mushroom, soy sauce, lime, and brown sugar


Breakfast: A smoothie prepared from cranberries, lemon, apple, nutmeg, blackberries, honey, and coconut oil

Morning snack: Misty paprika kale chips prepared with paprika, olive oil, and salt

Lunch: Turkey sandwich of Mediterranean style made with fat-free mayonnaise, sun-desiccated tomato paste, deli turkey roasted in an oven, multigrain bread, cucumber, avocado, spinach, and roasted red bell pepper.

Afternoon snack: Soft applesauce dream prepared from apples, orange juice, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and low-fat, sugar-free frozen yogurt

Dinner: Bean chili prepared from kidney beans, diced tomatoes, sugar, chipotle chilis, vegetable oil, garlic, onion, cilantro, corn, and seasonings

How Does The Noom Weight Loss Program Help You Attain Your Health Goals?

Noom assists you in staying responsible and making wise decisions on your own. The program does not precisely provide you with a daily menu or have a particular food program to adopt. Instead, it requests you to enter what you eat, what you drink, and what activities you do daily. The app uses the color codes of traffic, such as yellow, red, and green, to help you comprehend what healthy food items you are eating.

How Noom helps you attain your weight loss goals easily and effectively is that it not only educates you on the way to becoming a more watchful eater to reduce your extra pounds. The app also provides optional tracking tools for your food choices and exercise. They will help you greatly in addressing your psychological health effortlessly and effectively. 

The Noom health app uses an approach based on science to help you understand your association with your food in a better way. It also provides a personal coach to support your weight loss journey.

What Food Does The Noom Diet Plan Contain?

Noom does not recommend any specific food to users to attain their weight loss goals. Instead, the program categorizes its food items in three different color codes: yellow, red, and green. The color codes will aid you considerably in knowing which foods may assist or prevent you from attaining your weight-reduction goals.

Ideally, 30% of your daily food intake should be green foods, 45% yellow foods, and 25% red foods. Green foods will usually include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc., which are highly nutritious and are not high in calories and glycaemic index. It means they are high in water content and offer the highest level of nutrients.

Food items under the Yellow category include low-fat dairy, legumes, and lean meat. Although they have more calories, they will not harm your overall health if you eat them moderately. This is for the reason that they are more in calories and less in nutrients when compared to those green foods.

Food items, such as desserts, red meats, cheese rich in fat, and processed foods, fall under the Red food category. These food items are high in calories and low in healthy nutrients. You should structure 25% of your daily calories from one-fourth to half-cup servings of these red foods.

The people at Noom believe that the weight of the food decides how full you feel and not calories. Thus, Noom uses a color-coded food system, prioritizing food items by caloric density. Foods that have more water content will usually have a fewer caloric density. As a result, eating foods with low caloric density and fewer calories will help you feel fuller quicker.

The Noom health app claims you can still eat red foods after knowing their calorie capacity and nutrient deficiency. It means that when you eat these foodstuffs, you may experience less filling. Thus, knowing that you need to stay within your everyday calorie goal is vital.

Similarly, the Noom diet plan never suggests users follow red, green, or yellow foods. The plan just encourages them to watch how many calories they eat. Every time you record a food item, Noom immediately categorizes it with color, allowing you to envisage the areas of your diet that require improvement.

Noom’s diet plan is the first of its kind in the healthcare industry that does not rule out any particular food item or food group. Any limitations are self-obligatory. While the program provides users with options following vegan, low-carbohydrate, and gluten-free diets, it never tags foods as awful or off-limits.

What Does The Noom App Provide?

Noom is an efficient and result-focused mobile app, allowing users to download it to their smartphones and tablets. It is a lifestyle changer and not a diet changer by focusing itself on users’ behavioral changes. The Noom health app provides users with:

  • Weekly challenges as well as instructive data on topics that involve stress management, nutrition, goal setting, and the formation of healthy habits
  • Handiest tools to users to track their progress, allowing them to log their food, exercise routine, and body weight.
  • A practical training team consisting of goal experts, group coaches, as well as a support group to help users stay on track
  • The Nom health app has been designed with a biometric tracking feature, helping users substantially monitor their blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Above all, Noom provides users with a three-day sample diet plan and a reasonably-priced 14-day trial. If users would like to test the health app, they can take advantage of the free trial before they join the program and pay for it.

What Add-Ons Does The Noom Weight Loss Program Provide?

Noom Provides users with three optional add-ons to customize their experience with the app further at an additional cost. It offers three useful and helpful add-ons to users that include:

  1. Tailored workout plans
  2. Modified meal plans
  3. A DNA testing kit

The workout and meal plans of the program will be sent to your inbox directly in PDF format. It will aid you in getting them in the printout form. You will also be capable of accessing the guides on your mobile device easily and quickly. Both guides are personalized according to the needs of users. The workout plans, as well as the meal plans, are helpful to users if they follow a strict workout routine and restricted diet plan in their lives.

How Much Does The Weight Loss Program Cost?

While the Noom weight loss program comes with a free one-week and a reasonably priced 14-day trial, it comes with a nominal monthly subscription. Each weight loss plan of the program is personalized, and the optional duration of the program is derived from the number of users who want to shred weight. For example, if you want to drop 12 pounds, you may opt for a four-month weight loss plan. 

You will be capable of making your overall acquisition costs more affordable because Noom offers its entire weight loss plans with attractive discounts and offers. You can still reduce your buying expenses when you opt for an annual plan instead of buying a monthly plan. 

The price of the Noom weight plans is purely based on your personal weight loss goals, so noom does not advertise prices related to losing the specific amount of weight you want to reduce. However, it is obvious that the longer you sign up for the weight loss program, the deeper the monthly cost will be. The Noom weight loss program is comparatively cheaper than other analogous programs currently available on the market.

Pros And Cons Of The Noom Weight Loss Program


Final Verdict

The Noom weight loss program has been designed based on the psychological approach as well as behavioral changes of users. It is an effective and powerful weight loss application, helping users develop and maintain healthy physical activity habits and eating patterns. The weight loss plans of Noom consist of daily informative articles on meal and weight logging, interactive challenges, calorie tracking, and developing a healthy lifestyle.

The Noom weight loss program has only constructive reviews from its earlier users, who greatly benefitted from it. They are very happy and satisfied with their weight loss plans for Noom. This is because the weight loss program helped them attain healthy weight loss naturally and safely without preceding their favorite food items. It also aided them considerably in maintaining that healthy weight throughout their life term.

Most program users have reduced as much body weight as they wanted using the health app. It acted as a trusted and efficient companion in their weight loss journey. The app educated them on practicing a healthy diet after their weight-reduction success. They could choose the right food to lose their extra pounds effectively and effortlessly to fuel their body, rather than simply to fill them up.

The weight-loss diet plan of Noom encourages users to consume low-calorie and nutrient-rich food items and helps them monitor their progress by using its mobile health app. Even though the well-established methods of the program are more effective, the app focuses mainly on helping users to achieve their desired weight loss goals and improving their overall health.

Moreover, the free one-week trial and an affordable 14-day trial of the Noom weight loss program further substantiate that it is a trusted and result-driven program. Furthermore, the pros of the health app outweigh its cons. It has constructive reviews and offers the services of well-trained goal coaches and group coaches services. Thus, anyone can easily conclude that the Noom weight loss program is the best, most effective, and most affordable plan currently available.

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