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Dark Age Defense Reviews: Book

Dark Age Defense Reviews: A way to generate electricity during an emergency. 

The media professionals in the US have not addressed a significant imminent threat. And it concerns the transmission of viruses from Russia to the crucial substations of network grids. It just takes nine of these substations to shut down the electricity and energy of the whole nation for months or perhaps years, even though ten of them are already impacted.

The findings indicate that the country might experience a dark day at any time, even if the authorities are still keeping their mouths quiet and attempting to figure out how to examine the other 55,000 substations. Given that one cannot go without water, power, phones, the internet, and other necessities for an extended period, it is difficult to be prepared for it. You’ll need to have a backup energy source to meet your needs.

The plan for a new method of producing electricity is found in Dark Age Defense. You are introduced to several techniques in this book that assist in preserving electricity during emergencies. This item was created and tried out by the maker himself, and it worked well.

It’s simple to construct and very affordable to use this product. Unlike solar panels or backup generators, it doesn’t have a high cost. The infinity coil has no negative effects, even though even these products have them.

Dark Age Defense Reviews:

In case of crisis, natural disasters, or other emergencies, Dark Age Defense is a comprehensive survival guide that teaches users novel but easy ways to power up their homes. The system was built by the manual’s author utilizing Nikola Tesla’s research, and it is known as “the infinite coil.” After a few years, people will become aware of the technology utilized in this system, which has not yet been made available to the general public. This system will assist in keeping homes lit and home appliances running during trying times. The Dark Age Defense is a digital survival tool that offers users in-depth knowledge on a range of subjects, such as how to generate electricity and keep your home equipment working during power outages. The cost and diversity of information provided by this survival tool make it better than alternatives.

How Does It Work?

The survival booklet Dark Age Defense shows readers how to get ready for a wide range of emergencies, including cataclysmic catastrophes, plagues, famines, and natural disasters. In addition, the cost of gas, gasoline, and electricity is at an all-time high. You must develop coping mechanisms and find creative ways to survive.

The “Infinite Coil” described in the book is an infinite coil that generates power without the use of a generator or solar panel. This book is available through the official Dark Age Defense website, where you can also benefit from a 60-day money-back guarantee.

In the event of a natural disaster, solar panels and generators could be destroyed, but not these infinite coils. You can’t predict if you’ll have access to fossil fuels to power your electricity. Therefore, the greatest place to start is by having your energy source. Backup power generators are not always an appropriate power source for a blackout since electricity generators have a limited lifespan and require fuel to produce energy. Therefore, the Dark Age Defense book might teach you about this new option.

During disasters, finding a power alternative might be challenging. The infinite coil, however, is strong and ideal for your needs. It can assist in running any appliance in your house without a hitch and at no extra cost.

What are the Features of Dark Age Defense?

Dark Age Defense is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that instructs people on how to power their homes in a crisis or emergency. Users should be more knowledgeable about this guide’s features and familiar with the science behind it to comprehend how useful it is. There will likely be a power outage during a natural disaster or another emergency. Users will receive a step-by-step manual from this digital survival book that will enable them to survive any power outage they may encounter. This survival guide’s main goal is to instruct readers on how to make an infinity coil on their own.

Users will be able to learn a variety of things that will aid them in surviving their darkest moments, such as:

  • The most crucial actions that must be taken within 30 minutes of the power going out will be the first thing users learn.
  • To safeguard their families and keep them safe, they will learn how to build an invisible force field around their homes. Users need not be concerned if they lack technical expertise because this guide will show them how to build this force field using the most basic technology possible.
  • The infinity coil’s efficiency will rise by 261 percent compared to any other power source by using completely legal technology. Users will also be able to drive a “dead automobile” with the aid of this method in addition to other things.
  • When deciding how to power their houses, users must prevent power outages at all costs. Users need to be aware of this important aspect.
  • Given that every person’s home is different in size and requires a unique amount of electricity to operate, customers will also receive thorough instructions on the size of the Infinity coil. Users may learn about the size that best fits them from this guide.

Users will be instructed on how to prevent system theft using a simple pencil trick.

The author of this manual asserts that this digital survival book provides information on a system that is superior to all other available options, including backup generators and solar panels. Solar panels have a high chance of failure and are prone to breakdown, whereas backup generators make noise and use a lot of gasoline. But in addition to providing power for your homes, this system also makes sure that all of your household appliances are working properly and safeguards your family during power outages.

How much Does Dark Age Defense cost?

The manufacturer has reduced the costs to a level that most people can pay, even though he doesn’t feel the need for significant financial resources since he doesn’t want the cost of the product to jeopardize the security of his people. To put it mildly, using this device might save you $1500 off of your annual average power cost. People gladly offered $250 when he asked them how much they would pay for the coil. While this pricing was fair, he was aware that not everyone could afford it. As a result, he reduced the price to $125 to encourage more people to purchase Dark Age Defense and to make as many people aware of his work as possible.

He got it to $67 but was still unsatisfied. By doing this, he only covers the costs associated with running his website and gains more connections to maintain it. Therefore, for $67 you are getting a comprehensive guide on how to construct the affordable infinity coil that can provide you and your family with the security of having food and water even while the entire country is without electricity and power.

For many individuals, this cost is beyond their reach. And building the infinite coil won’t cost you anything. So without giving it a second thought, get your Dark Age Defense and construct an infinity coil yourself right away.

What Does The Dark Age Defense Program Include?

There is a step-by-step tutorial for creating limitless coils in The Dark Age Defense Handbook. Additionally, the following topics are included in this program manual or are taught there:

  • the knowledge that you can utilize basic technologies to create force fields around your home.
  • the advice is to always dial 911 or an emergency agency after a power loss within 30 seconds.
  • The instructions for choosing the optimal or acceptable size for the infinite coil. This size would be determined by the size of the house and the quantity of electricity or energy the house would use.
  • Infinite coil technology, which is simple to use, increases power generation by 261% as the efficiency of the coils improves.
  • This power output is so great that it can even jump-start an abandoned car.
  • The program also discusses the cheat code for creating, structuring, and obtaining energy or power from infinity coils.

Money Back Guarantee

This product has been hailed as a lifesaver by many who have tried it. Even if the blackout wasn’t accidental, many individuals thought that this product may be incredibly helpful for them. With such a great breakthrough and prices, the manufacturer has also given us a money-back guarantee. Consequently, you can request a refund if the blackout doesn’t happen within 60 days of this. If you are dissatisfied with the purchase, you can return it whether the package has been opened or not without any questions being asked. 100% of your money will be returned within 60 days.

The creator of this product is confident that after you create and use it, you will want to spread it further. It is, however, a risk-free investment if you decide that this product is not for you and you do not need it.

What Bonus Products Are Offered?

The Dark Age Defense also includes four other guides on various subjects that can help you easily survive the blackout in addition to the main guide. These goods are listed below, along with an overview of their ingredients.

  • Produce Oasis 

Many food goods will not be accessible when the energy and power run out. Produce Oasis is a book that shows you how to grow wholesome, nutrient-rich food in your cramped flat without a backyard or farms. It fertilizes via a sock-based technique. You can get vampire nutrients without any sunlight by combining two cups of soil, a worn-out sock, and ice. Less than $1 will be required of you. It includes instructions for making copper-infused chalk that tastes like candy and is intended for use by youngsters.

  • Water when demanded

The water may take longer to get to you if the electrical system goes down. The water’s suitability for usage is also not guaranteed. You may create clean, drinking water using the instructions in this manual. It includes experiments with submarines and techniques for boosting the mineral content of water. Additionally, they sell $0.25 forced field water filters. The removal of toxins from the water that reaches you is guaranteed, and you can make it using a toilet paper roll.

  • Bugou bulletproof

This one was developed based on a Native American method that can keep you safe from any potential disturbances. Making a 72-hour customized survival pack with it makes it easier for you to defend yourself and your family in hostile environments and on challenging terrain. It uses zero energy, so you may still use it if the power goes off.

  • Off-Grid Emigration

Even Pablo Escobar employed one of the seven methods listed above as a safety measure. With Dark Age Defense, it is free despite having a $59 worth.

What Exactly Is A Survival Guide?

A survival manual is a book with all the information you need to stay alive in any circumstance. This could be anything from putting together an earthquake plan to protecting yourself from a power outage that could interfere with people’s daily lives.

Before purchasing a survival guidebook, you must first decide what kind of knowledge you want to gain from it. There are publications out there that can teach you anything, even how to make a raft and light a fire. You can learn where to get water in some books, and you can learn how to catch fish in others. Based on your requirements, you should pick a survival manual. You might wish to purchase a book that concentrates on these subjects if you spend the majority of your time preparing fires and shelters. You might wish to get a book that explains how to hunt animals if you want to do so.

The next step is to locate a good survival manual that contains all the information you require, like Dark Age Defense. Once you have discovered a reliable survival manual, you must read it cover to cover. Before moving on to the following section, make sure you have understood the previous one completely. Because you won’t be able to use something later if you don’t understand it, this is crucial. You should put some of the methods the book teaches into practice after you have finished reading it in its entirety. You can test yourself while also improving your memory of them.

For instance, if you intended to hunt a game with a bow and arrow, you might want to try shooting an arrow into a tree trunk. If the arrow struck the target, you would have demonstrated that you had mastered proper bow and arrow aim. Not just for learning how to survive in the wilderness, survival guidebooks are helpful. When you are at home and everything goes dark, they can also be of great assistance.

How Does Coal Help in the Dark and During Power Outages?

Plant material has been preserved as coal. Plants were still living and decaying thousands of years before coal was produced millions of years ago. Their remnants decomposed and became coal. Pyrolysis is the term used to describe the conversion of woody material into coal.

When coal is burnt, heat is produced that may be utilized for lighting, heating, and cooking. Coal burns evenly and slowly, creating nearly no smoke. Because of this, coal is frequently referred to as a clean-burning fuel. Many people rely on candles, kerosene lamps, and lanterns during the night to see. These things smoke a lot and smell awful. Compared to these other kinds of lighting sources, burning coal offers a cleaner alternative.

People can live without electricity by using coal as their source of energy. In the dead of night, electricity is expensive and scarce. Despite being odorous and dirty, coal is much more affordable than electricity. Coal is also more efficient than both gasoline and diesel. Both gasoline and diesel need regular maintenance and refilling. None of these are needed for coal.

How Should I Get Ready For An Attack?

You must first choose between life and death before you can even consider defending yourself. There is nothing else you can do if your intention is not to survive the attack. However, if you still want to live, you must first make sure you have enough supplies to last until assistance arrives. You should think about having the following items on hand in case there is a power outage:

  • Food: Among all the resources you will ever need, food is one of the most crucial. You won’t be able to go very long without it. Therefore, you must always keep a supply of food hidden away in a secure location.
  • Water: Water is necessary for survival as well. Water should be kept in large quantities and kept in carry-on-sized containers.
  • First Aid Kits: First aid kits include supplies such as bandages, antiseptic cream, painkillers, etc. During emergencies, these supplies will be useful.
  • Firearms: Firearms are excellent self-defense equipment. They provide you the option to shoot down enemies without using force.
  • Knives: You may use knives for a variety of tasks, such as chopping wood, opening cans, and skinning animals. Your chances of surviving will be much improved if you have knives on hand.
  • Training with Guns: You must become proficient with the usage of firearms before engaging in combat. Online learning opportunities come in a variety of forms. Some of them consist of marksmanship, shooting drills, and fundamental weapon safety.
  • Aside from that Lighters, extra batteries, rope, matches, candles, and so forth are other goods that may come in handy. Ahead of an assault, make sure you have these supplies on hand.

How Can You Prevent attacks?

You must now think out a way to protect yourself after deciding to strike back. The following advice should be heeded:

  • Aim to avoid being taken off guard when being assaulted by hiding your weapons. To prevent them from being discovered, you should conceal your weapons.
  • Utilize Disguise: Try to disguise yourself wherever you can. This entails dressing in apparel that complements the surroundings. You should also protect your face and hands by using hats, sunglasses, scarves, and gloves.
  • Stay Out of Sight: As much as you can, try to avoid being seen. Avoid going for a walk during the day. Wait to move around until after dark.
  • Be Alert: Constantly be conscious of your surroundings. Pay attention to movements and noises. If required, be prepared to move swiftly.
  • Avoid Panicking: Panicking will only make you lose control of your circumstance. At all times, maintain composure.

Can Dark Age Defense Keep Me Alive If The Power Goes Out?

Any time might be a power outage. Anywhere in the world might suffer a blackout, regardless of where you are. You won’t be able to get electricity in such circumstances. You won’t possess the necessary tools to protect yourself from attacks as a result. However, by loading up on supplies ahead, you may still get ready for this kind of catastrophe. This makes it a crucial lesson to learn from the Dark Age Defense book and a great alternative during a power outage.

How Can the Dark Age Defense E-Book Be Useful in Times of Crisis?

According to the author, Dark Age Defense can be used as a “compass” during emergencies. You will also discover how to create an “invisible force field” around your home to shield it from outside influences. You can create a force field to shield yourself and your loved ones using the fundamental technologies covered in the Dark Age Defense. Details of several initiatives to assist you in surviving natural disasters are provided in this handbook.

Should I Just Fight Back If There’s a Power Outage?

No, it does not imply that you are compelled to respond violently. Even during a power outage, you can get by if you prepare in advance. Keep in mind, though, that you might need to defend yourself at some point. It’s never a good idea to fend off attackers solely using your strength. Even though you might be stronger than most people, you are unable to fight off multiple attackers at once.

As an alternative, you ought to seek out means of support. Using items from your surroundings, you could, for instance, construct barricades or set traps. Also available as a refuge are caves, underground bunkers, and under bridges.

Do you provide refunds for the Dark Age Defense Program purchase?

A 100% money-back guarantee or refund policy is provided by the Dark Age Defense Program Handbook’s author. According to the return policy, you have 60 days from the time you paid for the program to request a full refund if you believe that you have not learned anything from the manual and it is not beneficial to you. You won’t be questioned at any point during the return procedure, making it hassle-free. Therefore, if you don’t like the book or have any issues with the book, you may go to the official site and apply for the refund. You will get your refund within 24 hours of pick up. Thus, it has the best refund policy.

Do you Need it?

Well, this thing is brand-new from scratch. It is a development in technology. And to begin with, quite basic. Our research and development teams have been hard at work to figure out precisely what it is and to put it mildly, this product is unique. We cannot emphasize this enough. It will be a nightmare to work out over such a blackout, simply in case, there is a remote chance that the nation’s security systems and the authorities are accurate.

You should get the little device if it will keep you and your family secure for a longer period. If you require further information beyond what has already been provided, you may visit the producers’ website. The creators have given this product everything they have to deliver it to us. It’s incredibly easy to use.

To get everything for just $67 is a game-changer considering the price of all these added items, which comes to over $400. The community’s safety is the manufacturers’ top priority, not their bottom line.


Dark Age Defense is a kind of survival guide that helps millions of people to generate electricity during an emergency. The book has many ways to deal with a difficult situation. This book is easily available at the online site with some amazing offers. One should start buying to know about different ways to generate electricity during the time of emergency. Money back guarantee is provided to the user for 60 days. With the techniques given in the book, you may get yourself prepared for future calamities or any emergency. Therefore, purchase this amazing book for many benefits for survival.

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