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Kim Jong Un Weight Loss: loses 20 kgs, not using body double

Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of North Korea, a secretive and isolated country with nuclear weapons and a history of human rights abuses. He inherited power from his father, Kim Jong Il, who died in 2011. Kim Jong Un is known for his enormous weight, which has been a source of speculation and concern about his health and the stability of his regime.

According to South Korea’s spy agency, Kim Jong Un has gained approximately 140 kg (308 lb) in 2020 and has gained an average of 6–7 kg (13–15 lb) per year since coming to power in late 2011. has increased. However, in recent months, he has appeared significantly thinner in state media photographs and videos, triggering rumors and analysis about his condition.

Some experts have suggested that Kim Jong Un may have intentionally lost weight to improve his health and appearance, as he is a heavy smoker and has a family history of heart diseases. Others have speculated that he may have been suffering from an illness or surgery that may have affected his weight. Some have also claimed that he may have used a body double or impostor to hide his real location, but South Korea’s spy agency has called this baseless.

Kim Jong Un’s weight loss may affect his leadership and the future of North Korea. Some observers have argued that his slim body may indicate that he is more confident and determined in his governance, and that he may be more willing to appear in public in the face of worsening economic problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and more. Trying to increase loyalty. Trying, and international sanctions. Others have warned that his weight loss could be a sign of his declining health and a possible succession crisis in the event of his sudden death or incapacitation.

Kim Jong Un’s weight loss is one of the many mysteries surrounding him and his country. Since the world closely monitors his every move, it is difficult to verify the facts and motives behind his actions. However, it is clear that his health and well-being is important not only to himself and his people, but also to regional and global security.

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