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Topiramate Weight Loss Reviews: Price, Cost and Where to Buy

A drug called topiramate is used to treat specific kinds of seizures. It functions by reducing excessive cerebral excitation. There may yet be hope if you are severely suffering from health issues due to your weight. Topiramate may be recommended by your doctor to assist control your appetite and food cravings. Topamax needs to just be utilized as a last option when all other medications have failed due to its possibly serious negative effects. To find out if taking Topamax is safe for you, consult your doctor. 



Topamax (topiramate): what is it?

It appears that obesity is a far more complicated condition than previously believed. We frequently assume that weight growth can be controlled by adjusting our calorie intake and expenditure. The issue with this tactic is that it only works around 1% of the time. Therefore, many individuals have started to ask their physicians to recommend medication to aid in weight loss because 99% of folks fail to shed pounds and keep it off. Do these prescribed drugs from your doctor, however, genuinely aid in weight loss? The response is certainly, but not every time and not necessarily to the extent that you’d like them to. Originally intended to treat the illness of epilepsy, Topamax also referred to as topiramate, seems to be a type of medication. However, it was discovered that Topamax users also began to lose weight in addition to having fewer seizures. As a prospective method of weight loss, this has undoubtedly created a lot of curiosity among patients and doctors.

What is the purpose of topiramate?

An anticonvulsant (anti-seizure) drug is what topiramate is categorized as:

  • A prescription substance called topiramate is used to treat some types of epileptic seizures. It can be used both alone and in conjunction with other drugs. Topiramate is used to treat primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures, partial-onset seizures, and seizures linked to Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.
  • Additionally, it helps migraine sufferers manage their symptoms. Topiramate cannot stop a migraine once it has started.

How to use Topiramate for weight loss?

Topiramate can be used to encourage weight reduction and control binge and purging, but it’s critical to keep in mind that it shouldn’t be used as an alternative to seeing a doctor and coming up with a comprehensive weight loss strategy. To determine whether Topamax is appropriate for you, it is important to make a consultation with your doctor. In addition to asking about your medical history, your doctor will perform a thorough physical examination. You might be given a prescription for Topamax since you and your physician determine that it can help you reduce weight without endangering your health. The length of time topiramate weight loss takes depends on the individual.

To achieve the finest outcomes from the supplement, you must understand how to take it if your doctor does write you a prescription. Topiramate has a modest initial dose for weight reduction, however, depending on each patient’s medical history and the amount of weight they need to lose, this dosage strength may be increased in some cases.

Finding out whether taking Topiramate is helping you lose weight can take some time. Others may begin to lose weight during the first month of using the medication, while some may not see any changes until they have taken it for a minimum of four months. It has been demonstrated that topiramate causes weight reduction that gets better with use.

Topiramate can be used with or without meals, and it is often taken at the same time every day. Due to the possibility of drug interactions, it shouldn’t be taken at the same dose as several other medications. Alcohol shouldn’t be consumed while taking this drug because it can make you drowsy, raise your risk of kidney stones, and trigger metabolic acidosis. The condition known as metabolic acidosis, which occurs when the body’s fluids become overly acidic, can be fatal if left untreated. When taking Topamax( topiramate), if you begin to suffer rapid breathing, confusion, excessive fatigue, or an elevated heart rate, you should consult a doctor right away because these symptoms could indicate metabolic acidosis.

Topamax with Weight Loss: Possible Benefits

The majority of prescription weight-loss drugs concentrate on one of three crucial pathways that can aid in weight loss:

  • Appetite control – Some drugs work to lessen your appetite, which makes you eat less food. The long-term effectiveness of these drugs is poor, and most of the time, stopping these drugs leads to weight increases.
  • Hormone regulation – Other medications target “balancing” hormones that promote fat storage, like insulin, thyroid hormones, or leptin. Because they are addressing the “root” of the issue, medications that target hormone balance frequently have long-term effects.
  • Regulation of metabolism – Last but not least, several additional prescription drugs support your body by raising the number of calories you burn.

Long-term weight loss is frequently achieved using medications that target this component. Some prescription drugs tend to function better than others since each one operates a little bit differently from other drugs. The greater and more long-lasting your outcomes will be, generally, the more areas your weight loss drug “attacks.” Because of this, you should generally steer clear of drugs that only work to suppress hunger to help you lose weight. however, you take this medicine as a result of the fact that these drugs are largely unsuccessful as the weight is almost always gained again as your hunger returns to normal.

Things to avoid taking with topiramate

When taking topiramate, avoid drinking alcohol (brand examples: Qudexy XR, Topamax, and Trokendi XR). There could be harmful side effects or a rise in seizures. If you consume alcohol while taking topiramate, you may have increased tiredness or vertigo.  Topiramate might have negative side effects and interact with other medications. While using topiramate, you might want to avoid taking these drugs. Never begin taking a new prescribed or OTC medication without first consulting your doctor. Tell your doctor if you take anything that can cause:

  • acid valproate (brand like Depakote): When topiramate and valproic acid are combined, side effects like fatigue, confusion, and coma may occur. Your body temperature may also fall below 95 degrees F.
  • Zonisamide (brand name example: Zonegran): When topiramate and zonisamide are combined, you run the risk of developing metabolic acidosis, a disease that raises the quantity of acid in your blood. Combining these drugs may make this adverse effect more likely and more severe.
  • Medications for glaucoma, such as eye drops.
  • Contraceptive tablets: Your birth control medication’s effectiveness could be lowered by topiramate. If you are using topiramate with birth control pills, let your doctor know if you suffer any breakthrough bleeding (changes in monthly bleeding). Contraceptives, diaphragms, cervical caps, or contraceptive sponges are examples of non-hormonal birth control methods. Consult your doctor about these methods if you want to avoid pregnancy.
  • Any medications that affect your ability to think, concentrate, or coordinate your muscles.

The list above does not include all probable medication interactions. This is not a comprehensive list, and topiramate may interact with other medications. Include all of the medications you use, including OTC and prescription drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements, with your healthcare physician.

Why is the drug Topamax Used?

Patients who exhibit the following symptoms are prescribed Topamax:

  • Lack of motivation, which may lead to suicidal thoughts, is a symptom of depression.
  • A loss of enthusiasm for social contacts
  •  feeling worthless, worthless and hopeless
  •  Increased appetite and slumber
  •  Anxiety brought on by psychomotor over-stimulation

Bipolar patients are advised by doctors never to skip a dosage of Topamax, regardless of how they are feeling. The doctor will need to perform a thorough examination before he or she can advise you on how much extra to take or not. Topiramate missed doses may increase the likelihood of mood changes.

Safe methods for weight loss: If your doctor approves, topiramate can aid in your weight loss efforts, but it’s not the only option. You can experience the advantages of weight reduction without using the drug, while having it, or just after taking it if you make lifestyle adjustments that will assist you in shedding pounds and keeping it off. Here are a few of the risk-free weight-loss methods.

  •  Changing your dietary patterns: One of the best and safest ways to reduce weight is by eating healthily. If done correctly, being conscious of how much and what you consume can aid in weight loss. You should consult your doctor for the best recommendations on what you should eat for weight loss, but starting with modest adjustments like consuming more vegetables and fruits might be beneficial. Alcohol, sugar, processed foods, and refined carbs are a few examples of things that might make you gain weight. The body can readily assimilate and obtain essential nutrients from foods like fresh fruits, veggies, and high-quality proteins such as salmon, beans, and eggs.
  • Do regular exercise: Exercise can even lessen the signs of despair and anxiety. It also lowers high blood pressure, lowers the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, as well as helps control weight. Talking with your specialist about how frequently you should exercise is a good idea because everyone differs in the amount of physical activity they have to lose weight. Cycling, biking, swimming, and weightlifting are all excellent exercises for shedding pounds.
  •  Stress management: Stress has been linked to a variety of health issues, including depression and anxiety, but it has also been connected to unanticipated weight gain. Stress can trigger emotional eating, which over time might result in weight gain. Identifying stress-reduction strategies could aid in weight loss. You might try yoga, or meditation, stroll through a park or contact a friend or relative. Additionally, you can contact a medical professional or a counselor for tried-and-true stress-reduction techniques that might work for you.
  •  Getting sufficient rest: The Sleep Foundation claims that insufficient sleep might increase appetite and cause metabolic issues. Getting enough sleep helps promote healthy bodily functioning and provides you with more energy for activities like exercise, which can aid in weight loss. Sleeping enough can make you feel less stressed, which also will help you resist any cravings to overeat.
  • Trying secure diet supplements and pills: Like Hydroxycut and glucomannan, there are a plethora of weight loss pills and vitamins on the market that promise to help you lose weight, but they shouldn’t be used as an alternative to making healthy lifestyle changes. People will experience a significant difference with Topamax or even other weight reduction drugs if they make severe lifestyle and dietary adjustments first. The most crucial factor is one’s thinking. Medication cannot take the place of healthy eating and exercise routines.

Can Topamax Help You Lose Weight?

When trying to lose weight, many people start ingesting obscenely toxic substances that are often used to treat or prevent epileptic seizures and other disorders. Topamax is a good illustration of a substance that marginally aids in weight loss but also has adverse effects that go beyond minor. If you work at changing your habits and diet, you can lose some weight with Topamax + Phentermine, Topamax,  and over-the-counter alternatives. In contrast to Topamax and phentermine, the final alternative is rather simple to purchase and poses no health risks.

Topamax has numerous weight-loss benefits, but you must adapt your behavior to take use of them. In layman’s terms, it affects the brain’s neurons to lessen food addiction and also helps you feel full faster.

Because it takes away the pleasure that comes from eating carbohydrates, it is excellent for those who are hooked on them. You must therefore stop consuming the carbs you formerly loved. Foods like soda and wine/beer have been known to taste terrible due to it. You can become intoxicated, but the good feeling is gone. individuals were trying their hardest to stop drinking, and those who took Topamax fared substantially better at maintaining sobriety than those who took a placebo. A lot less food also makes you feel satisfied. When that occurs, you must quit eating because continuing to do so will produce uncomfortable reflux.

Be aware that Topamax is a synthetic type of sodium that works on a specific part of your brain and therefore can cause major damage if taken in the wrong doses before purchasing it for weight reduction. Nowadays, medical professionals and nutritionists advise against using pharmaceutical weight-loss drugs because only a small percentage of patients who struggle with weight control and concurrently have life-threatening diseases can benefit from them.

Does topiramate Increase Metabolism Speed?

Topiramate does indeed speed up your metabolism. This indicates that even while you are sedentary, your metabolism will consume more calories than usual. This medication allows you to lose weight quickly without having to spend a lot of time in the gym each week if your food is well managed. If you decide to exercise, you’ll find that it burns calories far more effectively now than it did before you started taking the medicine. Here are a few other ways that this medication aids in losing weight.

  • Suppression of Appetite: Additionally, this medication is known to help people lose weight by reducing hunger. As a result, you will be better able to maintain your diet since you won’t have frequent hunger pangs. The fact is that making wise selections requires intentional effort. Perhaps you won’t feel like having a double cheeseburger and fries and a big plate of french fries before dinner. Even so, drinking can still result in overeating calories. While this medication will speed up your metabolism, you should still limit your alcohol use and factor the calories you consume from alcohol into your daily calorie budget. Since champagne, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks are frequently added to cocktails, this is particularly true if you’re not drinking straight liquor.
  • One last thing about beverages: Due to soda’s astronomical sugar level, it is advised to cease drinking soda. You can lose weight by drinking diet soda, but it will be healthier for you to drink water, unsweetened tea, or black coffee instead of soda that contains artificial sweeteners and other toxins. Additionally, it is strongly advised that you juice your fresh fruits at home if you wish to drink juice. The majority of juice available at supermarkets is heavily processed and less wholesome than homemade juice. Last but not least, if you have a smoothie need, try to prepare your own if you can. You don’t have to make sure you have quite enough ice in advance if you create it at home because you may use frozen fruits and vegetables in complement to fresh stuff. Ask for a smoothie with Greek yogurt or coconut water rather than ice cream if you are purchasing it from a smoothie bar.
  • Addiction Management: By calming down the nerves that are overexcited in your brain’s addiction centers, topiramate also aids in weight loss. Dizziness, exhaustion, incapacitating headaches, trouble concentrating, cravings, despair, and anxiety are just a few withdrawal symptoms you can encounter if you try to reduce your sugar intake to lose weight. Withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings and mood swings, are lessened thanks to this medication’s alteration of the neuronal pathways in these areas of the brain. You will therefore be less inclined to binge as a result of worry or despair brought on by a sugar withdrawal.
  • Changes in Hormone Levels: Topiramate reduces the levels of leptin in the body produces, making weight loss simpler for you. The hunger hormone leptin alerts you to the need to refuel your body. The hormone cortisol, which is known to increase belly fat, is also decreased by this medication.

How quickly will weight be lost using this supplement?

If you use this medication, you can anticipate losing weight quickly, however, it might take one to four months for you to start noticing your fat reduction. Numerous elements, such as the dosage, the amount of exercise, staying hydrated, and the number of calories you consume, might affect how quickly you lose weight. Your calorie intake has an impact on how rapidly you lose weight as well. Topiramate weight loss duration varies depending on the individual.

Is it Fit for Everyone?

Topiramate is helpful for weight loss, but not everyone should take it. Topiramate may exacerbate conditions like suicidal thoughts, glaucoma, osteoporosis,  depression, metabolic ketoacidosis, and actions. In addition to the aforementioned diseases, inform your doctor if you have any kidney, liver, lung, or breathing issues.

For pregnant women looking to lose weight, topiramate is not advised. This could cause deadly injury to the mother as well as the unborn child inside her. The best course of action is always to consult a doctor, even though topiramate might be safe for expectant mothers if it assists with a medical issue.

What negative effects does topiramate have?

Topiramate use is typically discontinued due to additional side effects rather than weight loss. Memory issues, exhaustion, weakness, sleeplessness, sleep disorder, and numbness in the extremities were among the reasons that adults and older who were taking 400mg/day stopped taking the medicine. Kids aged 6 to 15 who’d been taking 400mg a day reported experiencing fever, flushing, confusion, and attention problems. Topiramate has many common adverse effects, including diarrhea, decreased appetite, lack of coordination, dizziness, tiredness, and numbness, although it can be taken safely by persons who do not have any of the illnesses described above and who are not pregnant.

Is Topamax Safe for Weight Loss?

Few patients receiving Topamax medication have demonstrated success. Before prescribing patients Topamax to treat their concerns with binge eating and weight gain, medical professionals including doctors must assess the patient’s health. According to experts, Topamax should be used in combination with other medications to help those who have a Body Mass Index of greater than 30 lose weight generally. 11 pounds are lost in 4 months using Topamax as a weight-loss supplement. The differences between Topamax’s results before and after are enormous.

On topiramate, how long does it require to lose weight?

Topamax reduces hunger and may even accelerate metabolism, thus weight reduction is noticeable soon after starting the prescription. When compared to other losing weight drugs on the market, Topamax has the additional advantage that weight loss does not appear to plateau after six months, suggesting that the losing weight may be a long-term impact.

Where can you purchase the topiramate form?

A prescription substance called topiramate is used both alone and in conjunction with other medications to treat epilepsy and stop weight gain. Topiramate (Topamax), a medication once classified as an anticonvulsant, cures seizures that exclusively affect a single region of the brain. Topamax cannot be purchased in the same way as organic diet pills because it is used to treat serious medical problems.

Topamax is only available by prescription and is not recommended for people who are in good health but solely have weight gain problems. A wide variety of diet medicines, including an over-the-counter Topamax substitute, are still available.

If you stop taking topiramate, will your weight increase?

Someone who quits taking Topamax over time may gain some weight, especially if they haven’t been taking Topamax along with healthy lifestyle modifications. Topamax has a trend of helping people get back to their starting weight after at least six months. Therefore, although it would take some time, people may be greater likely to get back to their pre-Topamax weight. The absence of the body’s reduced hunger and accelerated metabolism may induce this return to the baseline weight. Adopting healthy lifestyle modifications that will aid you in your weight reduction efforts is the greatest approach to ensure that you can keep the pounds off after stopping Topamax.

Which diet drug works the best?

Given that so many weight reduction drugs are approved for use in the treatment of other disorders, the ideal weight loss drug should be tailored to the individual. Topiramate may be more appropriate for someone who experiences migraines and wants to shed a little weight than other drugs that treat Type 2 diabetes and have the consequence of weight loss. Not all patients may see weight loss as a positive side effect, so it’s important to take into account all of these medications’ potential adverse effects.

if you mistakenly took two Topiramate doses. What ought to you do?

Go to the closest hospital or emergency room or call your doctor right soon. Topiramate should not be taken more than what your doctor has prescribed. Serious negative effects could result from using too much Topamax(topiramate).


Anticonvulsant medication topiramate has been shown to help people lose weight. Individual differences affect how long topiramate weight loss takes. While some individuals drop fat more slowly than others, some individuals do so quickly. The amount of weight a person is carrying when they begin to take topiramate, as well as how effectively they tolerate the drug, are a few factors that can influence how rapidly they lose weight. Topiramate can have certain side effects, including fatigue and vertigo, so it’s crucial to discuss if this drug is good for you with your doctor.

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