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Testogen Reviews: Side Effects, Where to Buy, price And Ingredients

Testogen is a product that improves testosterone levels in general. It can help to increase the lower testosterone level naturally. Testosterone is a hormone that helps to encourage bone mass, facial hair, body hair, and fat distribution. Also, it assists in the healthy production of red blood cells. 

Well, testosterone is available in the human body. But, after some time, the testosterone levels decrease. It is normal for men who are aging. But it can be seen in youngsters as well. 

Low testosterone levels can lead to several health concerns, such as:

  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Signs of depression
  • Fatigue
  • Obesity

If you’re dealing with low testosterone, you can opt for Testogen. It will help you do away with all of these issues. If you’ve got no idea about this testosterone booster, we can help you out. We will tell you all that you want to know about Testogen. 

Further, we will discuss its dosage, ingredients, price, and more. Keep scrolling, and you will get all the information about this miraculous product.

What is Testogen?

Testogen is a dietary supplement that helps men to deal with low testosterone issues. Despite their age, it helps to increase their energy level and stay fitter. People can beat fatigue and tiredness with the intake of Testogen supplements. Apart from that, it can help them to build strength and muscles.

Testosterone production decides a person’s look, appearance, and energy levels. If your testosterone level is low, it can affect all of these factors. To boost your testosterone level, get Testogen for yourself. It is free from illegal steroids. 

Hence, it is safe to intake Testogen capsules regularly. 

Why Choose Testogen?

Testogen can help you get rid of issues related to lower testosterone. You just have to take supplements, and you can get sorted with your problems. Moreover, you don’t have to go to any testosterone replacement therapy. 

You can get it at your home without any need for a prescription. That’s the major reason to try out this product. It can help you stimulate better mental health and confidence. With its consumption, you can have a great time lifting those weights in the gym.

Moreover, you can get many other benefits from Testogen. With regular use, your fatigue and tiredness will fade away. Also, it will help you lose weight and make your body strong. You will notice a change in your energy level after a few days of use. 

The specific ingredients of this supplement make a difference. They all come with a myriad of benefits. You will get to know about them in detail further. Investing in Testogen can be a great option for your life. 

Therefore, invest in Testogen now and get away with your health issues.


Testogen is a combination of several unique ingredients. All of these come up with tons of benefits for your body. So you don’t need to be anxious about them. And you can use them safely without any stress. Let’s take a look at these good ingredients:

#1 D-Aspartic Acid

Each supplement of Testogen has 2,352 mg of D-aspartic acid. It boosts the hormone release in the brain. Also, it ensures that testosterone gets distributed among the brain and body in equal amounts. 

D-Aspartic acid helps in enhancing the energy level of your body. So you won’t feel fatigued often.

#2 Magnesium

Doctors recommend having at least 350 mg of Mg. And you can get 200 mg of Mg in Testogen. Magnesium has numerous benefits for your body. Besides, it helps maintain your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

Also, it can make you feel relieved from anxiety. People get obese due to a deficiency of testosterone. Thus, consuming Testogen will ensure that your body weight stays in check.

#3 Nettle Leaf

Testogen contains 40 mg of Nettle leaf in its composition. It is available as a natural substitute. 

Nettle leaf is known for its benefits. It gives you relief from painful joints and muscles. 

Plus, this ingredient helps to treat arthritis, gout, and anemia. When you work out, it will prevent fatigue or muscle rupture. So, you will be able to spend more hours working out.

#4 Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng is a Chinese herb that is a boon for male virility. This ingredient focuses on your overall health. It helps in giving a boost to your body’s defense mechanism. 

Testogen includes 40 mg of Korean Red Ginseng. Besides, this ingredient is mainly to improve erectile dysfunction. Apart from this, it also helps to fight off stress. Ginseng tends to build the immunity system and stamina in your body.

#5 Fenugreek

There is fenugreek in about 40 mg. Fenugreek contains a myriad of benefits. One of the major benefits is that it provides you with stamina and endurance. It is mainly a testosterone booster, but there are other benefits. 

Furthermore, it helps in breaking down estrogen hormones. That helps in improving your interest in intimacy. Plus, it improves blood pressure and regulates cholesterol levels. That will aid in preventing any kind of heart condition. 

#6 Vitamin D3

Regularly, one should intake 15-20 micrograms of vitamin D3. If you have Testogen, you can get 50 mcg of Vitamin D3. This ingredient will help in the betterment of your immune system and will manage your bone health. 

Also, it will improve your immunity system to fight off testosterone-reducing agents. It can help you be cheerful and boost your energy level. Further, you can improve your muscle growth by enhancing body composition. 

#7 Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 is an essential element for your heart health. It helps in the management of blood clotting. Further, that prevents excessive bleeding and bruising in case of any blood vessel injury. 

Your body tends to make more testosterone when the estrogen hormone lowers. In that case, K1 ensures that this process turns out smoothly. 

#8 Vitamin B6

If you want to consume Testogen to make the Testogen level right, vitamin B6 can help you with your muscle recovery. Vitamin B6 elevates the production of testosterone. It is a component you can find in the diet of athletes and bodybuilders. 

In addition, it ensures that your immune system and the nervous system stay in a healthy condition. It gives you a boost to your energy as it transforms the food particles into pure energy.

#9 Zinc

Each serving of Testogen contains about 10 mg of zinc. It helps in folic acid availability and sperm production. These are the major reasons that influence testosterone influx in cells. 

The human body doesn’t produce zinc on its own. So, you need to have it in the form of a supplement. It helps with your immunity system and metabolism as well.

#10 Boron

Boron can improve the metabolism of free testosterone in your body. Also, it helps to fade away the signs of aging. Weight gain and lower energy lead to the deficiency of boron. 

Testogen helps to fix the lack of boron. Also, it alleviates inflammation and encourages muscle growth. 

#11 Bioperine

Bioperine is an extract that helps you absorb nutrients. It is also known as piper nigrum. You can find Bioperine in almost every testosterone booster or natural bodybuilding supplement. It shields you from all kinds of infection and disease. 

In addition, Bioperine stops the growth of cancer cells. Plus, you can maintain your blood sugar levels with its intake.

Advantages of Testogen

You can get several benefits with the regular use of this supplement. It is not only limited to better energy levels, but you can have more health benefits with its use. Some of them are as follows:

  • Increases Metabolism

Testosterone and estrogen are the major components that carry out functions of fat metabolism. The fat build-up in your body happens due to the estrogen hormone. It surrounds stubborn body parts like the belly and thigh. 

Excessive increases in estrogen can result in these stubborn body fats and obesity. Testogen can help you to lose stubborn body fat easily. It provides you with both hormones in an appropriate balance. 

Also, it will prevent you from further fat storage. But you have to be careful of your diet and workout. 

  • Encourages Stamina and Energy Level

Testogen fills the body with nutrients and makes you feel energized. It helps your body to absorb nutrients in no time. Also, it transforms the nutrients into energy for your body. 

The two major ingredients, boron and zinc get the credit to increase stamina and make you feel full of energy. Plus, it promotes ATP and cellular restoration. Hence, you don’t have to struggle with your daily tasks. And you can have more spirit all day long. 

  • Helps Muscle building

Testosterone is the most significant hormone for muscle growth in males. And it results in improved strength and the formation of larger muscles. Human growth hormone (HGH) is essential for muscle growth. 

If there is no secretion of the HGH hormone, you won’t get any results from your weight training sessions. Testogen helps to enhance the production of human growth hormone. With the help of it, you can get stronger muscles.

  • Improved Presence of mind

Tiredness makes you feel absent-minded sometimes. It would make you need help to focus on your daily tasks. The supplement provides you with clarity of mind. Even if you work for hours or you do more tasks than before, you won’t feel fatigued. 

It gives you enough energy so you can deal with all of it. And you can complete more difficult chores with a better attitude every time.

  • Improves Mood

Nowadays, stress is the most significant reason for most illnesses. Testogen has great benefits for your mental health. It eliminates the stress of your daily life and makes you feel relaxed. 

Those with the right testosterone levels tend to have less anxiety and stress. They are more persistent in bad mental health. Testogen gives people a calmer and more positive mood. That’s how you will remain in a happy mood.

  • Maintain Higher Testosterone Levels

Once you start making your testosterone level rise, you need to continue it for a long time. Testogen not only helps in increasing testosterone production but also makes it persistent. It creates an environment that makes you sustain those high levels. 

So, taking Testogen supplements makes you uphold the testosterone level in an appropriate position.

How to Take Testogen?

You will get them in the form of a capsule. Take four capsules and have them with a glass of water. Make sure to have them at least 20 minutes before your meals. Along with that, you can also take the booster drops one to three times a day. It will boost the efficacy of the supplement. You will get the best possible outcome without any delay. 

The supplement is of small size, so you might be fine swallowing it. Even if you face difficulty swallowing the capsule, break it into water and drink it. If you want Testogen to work remarkably, use it for 2 months continuously. 

So you can notice the changes within two months, and you will get the best benefits from it.

Make sure to get Testogen from the official website. Many other websites are making kind of similar testosterone booster products that might not be effective. Also, they claim it to be worthy. But do not get into those promos. Rely on the official site if you want to make a good choice for your health. 


  • One bottle of Testogen will cost around $59.99, and you will get 120 capsules.
  • There is an offer where you can get 120 capsules for free if you purchase 240 capsules for two months. It will cost you around $129.99.
  • If you purchase for three months, you can avail of the supplements for two months free. You can get 600 capsules for $179.99 and a discount of $169.96.
  • Combo packs are available; you can get both pills and drops. And give a boost to your testosterone levels instantly.
  • If you purchase three bottles of the Testodrops and three bottles of supplement, you can get it for $189.97.
  • One bottle of Testodrops (60 ml) and one box of 120 capsules will cost $89.99.
  • You can get five bottles of Testogen and five bottles of 600 capsules by paying $284.96.
  • Those shipments which can’t get tracked are free of cost. If you want to ship with a tracking feature, it will cost you $7.49.
  • Also, you will get a free booklet from the company. It will have dietary advice for boosting testosterone levels.

How to Purchase Testogen?

You can get Testogen from the official website. At present, it is not available at physical retail sites. Muscle Club offers a variety of payment methods. So, you can go with the one that is convenient for you. You can make a payment with credit cards and debit cards.

Further, you can also pay with Amazon Pay. The default currency is USD. Yet, you can opt for six other currencies.

Moreover, Muscle Club started to sell these supplements on Amazon via third-party sellers. But there are better options than getting it from another website. In addition, many sellers are offering fake products with the same packaging. 

It is tough to spot the difference between them. Also, they offer supplements at an increased price. That’s why it would be safe to buy testosterone pills from the official website.

Can all age groups consume Testogen supplements?

This supplement is only made for some age groups. Males who are over the age of 18 can take this testosterone booster. So if you are under 18, this capsule is not for you. 

You can take it to increase your energy and endurance. Plus, it is best for those who are athletes and muscle-building males. It can help you with all of the energy-related problems. 

Take the capsules as per the recommended dose, and you will get the benefits soon.

Now that you know most about Testogen let us elaborate on the reasons for low testosterone in men.

Reasons behind Low Testosterone Levels in Men

Since you know most of the things about Testogen, let’s also elaborate on why men experience low testosterone levels:

  • Unhealthy Weight

Having an unhealthy weight makes you prone to a lot of diseases. Obesity leads to lowering testosterone levels. It can be a major reason if you’ve gained a lot of stubborn fat or don’t hold a healthy weight. 

First, you need to maintain a healthy weight to boost your testosterone. Get started with a healthy diet and workout. Not only will it help in boosting your testosterone level, but also it will improve your overall health. 

Even though you take testogen supplements, you must focus on workouts and a healthy diet.

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Many studies have proved the link between sleep and testosterone levels. Quantity and quality of sleep both play an important role in testosterone levels. 

Those with OSA have to deal with sleep fragmentation, decreased deep sleep time, and decreased sleep efficiency. All of these reasons result in low testosterone levels. Having enough hours of sleep is essential to lead a healthy life. 

You are prone to many health issues if you don’t do so. Therefore, make sure to have a healthy lifestyle with an adequate amount of sleep.

  • Old age

Age can be a major factor in this. When people age, lower testosterone levels are kind of natural. It gradually decreases with the passing years. They can prevent it with a few methods. 

People with low testosterone levels must maintain a healthy weight and exercise daily. Try to reduce stress. Testogen is a great thing to add to your daily life. It will make you feel more energized.

  • Smoking and alcohol

Alcohol can mess up the function of your internal body parts. Heavy alcohol consumption can result in impotence and infertility. Studies said that it also leads to reduced testosterone levels in the blood. In addition, it can damage the function of the testicular Sertoli cells.

People who consume alcohol in heavy amounts can also face lower testosterone issues. Try to consume less amount of alcohol. Besides, indulge in a healthy lifestyle. 

When you stop consuming alcohol, your testosterone level might come back to normal. If you take testogen, you need to avoid alcohol. 

  • Medical Conditions

Various medical conditions can lead to low testosterone levels. If you’re suffering from chronic liver or kidney disease, that might also be the reason. Sometimes there are genetic reasons for this. 

Apart from these, diabetes, metabolic disorders, chronic obstructive lung disease, HIV, Prolactinoma, etc., are also one of the reasons. If you have a curable disease, then look out for its treatments. And get rid of them.

  • Medications

Certain medications can disturb the balance of your body. Sometimes these medications can disturb the hormonal system. 

Statins are one of those medications. People take it to lower cholesterol. 

However, it lowers their testosterone level as well. Apart from this, opioids are also those medications that interrupt. People have it to get relief from severe pain. It does give relief from pain but affects testosterone production.  

Why Do You Need Testogen?

Testogen comes as a pack of benefits in the form of a supplement. Many reasons will make you indulge in them. We have shared them above. Let’s have a glance at more of its benefits:

  • Improves Mood

Serotonin, dopamine & norepinephrine regulates your mood. And these factors get influenced by testosterone. When men age, they become short-tempered and are angry most of the time. It happens due to decreased levels of testosterone. 

Instead of antidepressants, people want to consider something that doesn’t harm them. When testosterone levels increase, it will influence those hormones well. And people can stay in a better mood. 

Testogen can help you with it. Those who intake testogen are in a happy mood all time. 

  • It provides Better Sleep Cycle

Testosterone can help you get enough sleep, and it improves the quality of sleep. Those who have sleeping issues like insomnia can also benefit from it. Poor sleep has bad effects on overall health. It affects both your physical as well as mental health.

If you have low testosterone levels, it can affect your sleep. And if you don’t have enough sleep, it will affect your health adversely. 

Testogen can help you with your sleeping issues as well. If you have it, your testosterone level will regulate. Hence, you will get a night of better and uninterrupted sleep.

  • Improves your confidence

People are not aware of this factor. But testogen can make you feel more confident. A boost in your testosterone level can boost your confidence, also. The major reason behind it is unknown. But we can say it helps in lowering your stress. That results in making you feel positive.

You become an expert in tackling stress. Further, you have more energy to cope with everyday stress. And you have a positive attitude to meet your goals every day. You automatically start feeling well when your testosterone levels naturally increase.

  • Raises Red Blood Count

Enhanced testosterone levels can make your blood count increase. With increasing age, testosterone level reduces. It makes people prone to anemia. 

Low blood count leads to poor health in general. If you’ve anemia, it can trouble your body’s capacity to transport nutrients and oxygen to your cardiovascular system.

As a result, you will feel tiredness, weakness, and heart palpitations. Testogen increases your testosterone level, and as a result, you can prevent anemia. If you take supplements to increase your testosterone levels, it can improve your red blood cell production.

It can increase hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. That’s why older men need it more than youngsters. It will boost their red blood cell production. Hence, it makes them more fit. 

Also, men with anemia have seen the results of increasing testosterone levels in their bodies. They have noticed significant changes in their blood count.

Customer Reviews

Testogen has presented many anecdotal reports showing the product’s before and after results. It has received a decent rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Amazon. 

Many people have liked their product and have got the best outcomes. 

There are more than 1,500 international customer reviews. Most talked about getting positive results and gave them a 5-star rating.

Moreover, a few reviews said it takes time to get you to see the best results. Some mentioned they saw noticeable changes within a few days of using the product. Most of the reviews were about how they noticed improved stamina, a boost in weight loss, energy, muscle mass, etc.

The product has gained a lot of popularity and loyal customers. People also found the product genuine, as many have tried it out. If you want to invest in a testosterone booster, make Testogen your first choice.


Low testosterone levels are natural, and there are many ways to do away with these Testogen can be a great deal of support for those facing lower testosterone levels. The product is completely trustworthy.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle besides consuming Testogen. They do not have any negative effects in the long run. You can get them without a prescription, and that makes them popular. However, you can visit and consult a doctor if you wish before taking these supplements to ensure their safety. 

If you’re dealing with low testosterone levels, try out Testogen. Or, if you want to know what it does, you can give it a shot. Further, it will give you the benefits you need for your health. Take them in the appropriate dosage. But make sure to invest in the genuine product. And rely on the official website for Testogen.

Frequently asked questions

Do Testogen makers provide a refund policy?

Yes, Muscle Club presents a 100-day money-back guarantee feature. So, you can test the product in this period. If unsatisfied with the product, you can ask for a refund. You can contact them through their email or call Muscle Club.

Furthermore, you will have the pre-approval to return all opened and unopened bottles. Your refund will be credited within 48 business hours once the returned product reaches the U.S.-based Muscle Club site.

How much time will Testogen take to show the effects?

Testogen is not one of those quick-acting supplements. You need to use it continuously to see the results. Users can see the changes after regular use for two weeks. So, have patience and take it regularly. First, you will notice the changes in your concentration, attitude, and stamina. 

When it comes to the changes in muscle, you can see them after regular use for one month. The reason is that muscle development takes a while. You need to follow a proper diet and workout along with the supplement. Besides, you can use it for long- and short-term treatment plans, as per your choice.

Is Testogen a Steroid?

No, Testogen is not any kind of steroid. The supplement has 100% natural ingredients. Even though there is no clinical proof of effectiveness or security, the doctor will also suggest you take testosterone replacement therapy.

Can I use Testogen for bodybuilding?

Yes, you can use Testogen for bodybuilding. Testogen is of best use for athletes and bodybuilders. You can see immediate and effective results with its use. It will help you with improving strength and muscle growth.

Furthermore, it will make you feel bright and positive every time. So, you must give Testogen a try. 

Also, users should take a break of 10 days from the capsules. Have a break, and then continue with your dosage.

Is Testogen safe?

Yes, Testogen is safe for consumption. There are no adverse effects reported yet. They have used 100% natural ingredients, and there is no use of artificial steroids or other toxic materials. Hence, you can use it without a shadow of a doubt. 

However, everyone’s body reacts differently to different products. If you face any problem using the product, stop taking it right away. And if there is a severe problem, consult a doctor. 

Testogen has a 100-day money-back guarantee offer. Thus, they will refund your money if you face any problem with Testogen.

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