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Sarms Cycle For Bodybuilding (Cycling) 2023

SARMs are without a doubt the newest “trend” in bodybuilding. They are taking the place of anabolic steroids and promise less severe side effects and incredibly powerful results. The negative effects of prohormones and anabolic steroids on the body have long been known to previous generations. You have to understand how to perform SARMs cycling if you’ve decided to do so to build more muscle, become stronger, and reduce body fat without losing muscle. You will learn all the specifics of using the most common SARMs in this post, including the suggested dosages.

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Why Utilize SARMs?

Prohormones and anabolic steroids are supposed to work similarly to SARMs, despite the risks and negative side effects. SARMs are non-toxic, won’t impact your body’s check, don’t require PCT (post-cycle therapy), and don’t increase your risk of developing gynecomastia or other hormonal side effects. SARMs give you strength, additional muscle, and decreased body fat while allowing you to keep your muscular mass. Your desire to have enormous, lean muscles that are thick, dense, and well-defined may be helped by SARMs.

How Do SARMs Work?

SARMs, a class of experimental androgen receptor ligands having anabolic effects, is short for selective androgen receptor modulators. SARMs have attracted a lot of interest because of the distinctive way they function, which involves binding only to the body’s androgen receptors. When they attach to the receptors, various processes—including muscle growth and recovery—begin to speed up. In the eyes of many users, SARMs are a safer option than other performance-enhancing medications like steroids because of their selective nature and thus reduced risk of side effects. However, they are not as secure as many people believe. You may learn more about the efficacy and security of SARMs in this article.

Tips for Taking SARMs

Except when the authorized dosage is exceeded, SARMs are freely accessible and have no known negative effects. To receive the most benefits from SARMs without running any dangers, you should educate yourself on how to use them. If you follow the rules and purchase from a reputable vendor, achieving your goals is rather straightforward. SARMs can be purchased as a powder (included in a tablet or pill) or liquid suspension. It is a myth that fluid SARMs are more potent than raw powder isolates, which are the original form of all SARMs; this is just untrue. It will ultimately depend on your personal preference whether you conduct your research using capsules, tablets, or liquids.

Cycles and dosages of popular SARMs

Every SARMs cycle is distinct from the next, using a range of delivery techniques and concentrations. Nevertheless, each SARMs user adheres to a dosage guideline. The majority of chemical dosages typically fall between 5mg and 30mg per dose. Be warned that some SARMs, even at lower doses, have more potent effects. Therefore, it is best to start low and gradually increase (by 5mg) as needed to gauge your response.

Top SARMs currently in use

  1. MK-2866 Ostarine: One of the mildest entry-level SARMs, ostarine is well known for its general “feeling of well-being” benefits. It is a favorite among athletes since it is an excellent compound for mending, recovering, and repairing joints. MK-2866 is readily accessible and well-liked, whether used alone or in combination with other SARMs. When dieting to decrease fat, ostanine is renowned for helping you maintain muscle mass. Normally, when there is a calorie deficit, fat is lost, but lean mass is also lost (muscle). Ostarine aids in preventing catabolism so you can lose weight while maintaining your arduously acquired muscular mass.

Ostarine has a slight suppressive effect on your body’s production of the testis, and the amount of suppression you experience depends on how long your SARMs cycle is running and the doses you utilize. Due to this, a lot of people decide to utilize PCT following ostarine. Most people won’t need PCT to recover after brief cycles of 4–8 weeks.

  • Usual daily dosage: 10 mg to 25 mg
  • 24-hour half-life; one daily dose of the entire amount is permitted.
  • 8–12 weeks is the recommended cycle length.
  • PCT? No PCT is necessary for cycles 4 to 8 weeks. PCT is advised for cycles using higher dosages or lasting more than 8 weeks.

How does ostarine (MK-2866) work?

Ostarine, a synthetic supplement for building muscle that is classified as a SARM, was previously noted. It is known to most people as Enobosarm. Ostarine was initially developed for use in medicine and pharmaceuticals. The medication was produced and developed by GTx Inc. to combat diseases like osteoporosis and other cancers that cause muscle loss. It is only available with a prescription and is only intended to treat medical disorders.

It was used to improve bodybuilding, though, as its ability to increase lean muscle growth and encourage fat burning became more widely understood. Researchers continue to study the chemical formulation to comprehend its mechanism of action and any potential negative effects (side effects) that could arise from its broad use.

It is forbidden to use in sports and can only be used for medicinal purposes with a doctor’s prescription. The appropriate authorities are pursuing any mishandling of the Ostarine MK-2866 formulation during official sporting events while it is still being actively investigated and is still unlawful and unprohibited.

  1. LGD-4033, Lingadrol: Although Lingadrol is far more potent than Ostarine, its effects on fat loss, muscle retention, and muscle gain are identical. Pay close attention during post-cycle therapy and recuperation as it can decrease the HPG axis and endogenous testosterone of the pituitary, hypothalamus, and gonadal glands. To safeguard your body’s hormones in between cycles of Lingadrol, use a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM).
  • Usual daily dosage: 4–10 mg
  • Half-life: 30 hours; full dosage may be administered once daily; LGD will accumulate in the body during your cycle.
  • 8–12 weeks is the recommended cycle length.
  • Cycle PCT? Yes, a full PCT following Lingadrol that includes a SERM is advised.

How does SARM LGD-4033 function?

One of the most potent supplements for bodybuilding that isn’t steroidal is SARM Ligandrol LGD4033. It can be purchased as a pill or capsule. Unlike the majority of steroids, it is intended for oral ingestion rather than injection. Also known as “Anabolicum” and “VK5211,” It was created by the San Diego-based biopharmaceutical company Ligand Pharmaceuticals to treat several physically harmful disorders and deadly illnesses (including breast and prostate cancer) (such as cachexia or osteoporosis).

Similar to how testosterone serves as a stimulant for androgenic /anabolic effects as well as improving athletic performance, SARM LGD4033 also acts through a similar mechanism of action. It is used for both cutting and bulking cycles. Being one of the strongest sports supplements available today, LGD-4033 is a SARM Ligandrol that, when taken in very small dosages, can have amazing physical effects. Utilizing this SARM orally (as opposed to injecting it) will make it safer and simpler to use (for example, for HIV) and reduce the danger of side effects.

  1. RAD-140 testosterone: One of the strong and more recent SARMs in the group is testosterone. It is renowned for its capacity to support the development of lean muscle mass. Use only small doses of this SARM as it is highly anabolic. As a result, a PCT is essential because it inhibits natural test production. The ideal cycle length for best results is 12 weeks when utilized during a bulk.
  • Usual daily dosage: 10–20 mg
  • Half-life: 16 to 20 hours; maximum dose: once daily.
  • 8–12 weeks is the recommended cycle length
  • Cycle PCT? Yes, following RAD-140, a complete PCT with a SERM is advised.

How RAD 140 functions

Except for the fact that it is a SARM (and as a result, has a selective impact) and can target particular tissues in your body, this SARM can function similarly to steroids. Targeting androgen receptors specifically, RAD 140 encourages muscle and bone tissue to grow quickly and impressively by targeting androgens that are principally concerned with muscle and bone tissue. As a result, lean muscle mass increases quickly, excess fat is encouraged to burn off, and bones are effectively strengthened by increasing their strength. Let’s examine this motion in RAD 140s two directions more “practically,” though.

  • For muscular tissues 

The body receives a considerable energy boost from RAD 140 (also known as testosterone) and gains muscle strength, both of which are advantageous for exercise. This implies that you can accomplish your goals in a lot less time and with a lot less effort, leading to faster results (physical benefits). In any case, the goal is to rebuild a tough, lean muscle mass more quickly, not merely to strengthen the muscles. It also has to do with preventing muscle damage and loss throughout the demanding and rigorous exercise. It also holds for the use of rigid dietary plans to lose body fat.

  • inside bone tissue 

RAD 140 was created as a medical treatment to assist fight osteoporosis and building bones, and it functions as an energizer in the situation of bone health. This suggests that bones are stronger, which means fewer injuries from exercise. Especially when it comes to bone strength “aggravating” activities (such as bodybuilding) Bone strength is crucial since significant injuries could prevent you from participating in sports for an extended amount of time.

  1. MK-677 Ibutamoren: MK-677 is also referred to as Nutrobal or Ibutamoren, despite not being a SARM but frequently falling under the same classification. It operates by increasing the levels of IGF-1 in your body since it is a specific agonist of both the growth hormone receptor. This also mimics the hormone that regulates appetite, so your hunger is likely to grow. Great for tough gainers that struggle to consume enough calories or during a bulking phase, but perhaps not so great if you already have a voracious appetite. Best for bulking up and packing on muscle while also significantly speeding up fat reduction.
  • Usual daily dosage: 10 mg to 25 mg
  • 24-hour half-life; one daily dose of the entire amount is permitted.
  • Long-term cycles are advised (for the greatest outcomes, at least four months)
  • PCT? No, MK-677 does not induce any suppression and is not hormonal; hence, PCT is not required.

MK-677 has been shown to provide a range of health benefits for persons with particular illnesses. Those with catabolic problems, low bone mineral density, and trouble sleeping at night may benefit greatly from MK 677. The MK 677 secretagogue’s efficiency in secreting Gh and IGF-1 makes it a valuable tool for a variety of populations. Numerous studies have demonstrated the advantages of MK 677 for people of all ages, including those who are obese, have trouble falling asleep, have low bone mineral density, and others. MK 677 can be used to treat problems that may be brought on by a deficiency in IGF-1 and growth hormone in these groups.

  1. GW-501516 Cardarine: Cardarine, which is not a SARM but a PPAR-delta modulator, operates by activating protein receptors that aid in the body’s production of muscle tissue. But because so many people associate it with SARMs, we decided it was best to add it here. Cardarine has the following effects: energy, endurance, and muscle growth.
  • Common dosage: 7 mg to 20 mg daily
  • Half-life: 16 to 24 hours; maximum dose: once daily.
  • 8–12 weeks is the recommended cycle length.
  • PCT? Cardarine isn’t hormonal, thus it won’t interfere with your test results.

What exact functions does cardarine SARM perform?

Cardarine pills have the dual impact of increasing muscle cell metabolism and decreasing body fat by triggering the lipolysis process (fat breakdown). Human muscular growth and endurance are stimulated by the product’s active component.

With this pill, you can start to experience effects within just one month: Beta-hydroxy-beta methyl and calcium D-glucarate, which are found in the dietary supplement cardarine, are known for their potency in promoting the growth of power, muscular strength, sprint recovery endurance, strength, and weight reduction. They can improve your general health so you can get the most out of this product.

  1. S-4 Andarine: One of the newest SARMs is andarine. When compared to LGD-4033 and other comparable SARMs, the S-4 is thought to be more powerful. Lean muscle mass can be greatly increased while body fat levels are decreased, and it is highly effective at lower doses. S-4 is recognized for boosting vascularity to produce the “chiseled” appearance that all bodybuilders strive for. Andarine is well known for increasing bone density and muscle mass. Avoid some undesirable side effects by using lesser doses; reports of transient night blindness, for example, have only been made at very high levels.
  • Usual daily dosage: 25 to 75 mg
  • Half-life: 3–4 hours; for optimal results, the dosage should be divided into three doses each day.
  • 8–12 weeks is the recommended cycle length.
  • The PCT cycle PCT is recommended, yes.

How does it function?

Androgen receptors are body proteins to which andarine binds. For the body’s muscles and bones to grow, andarine must bind to these receptors. Andarine does not appear to have as many negative effects in other areas of the body as certain other medicines that connect to androgen receptors, like steroids.

Process of Action

The actions of testosterone are mimicked by andarine because it has a good attachment to the androgen receptor (AR). However, its effects on bones and muscles are significantly more powerful than on reproductive organs. Andarine as well as other SARMs are therefore thought to have fewer adverse effects than anabolic steroids. Bodybuilders frequently use this unsupported idea as “evidence” that using SARMs will spare them from experiencing severe estrogen and testosterone imbalances. 


  • Increases the pace of muscular growth: Andarine can activate the androgen receptor (AR) in rats, according to research. According to a study, S4 has a high affinity for AR and could bind to it without significantly suppressing it. Additionally, it demonstrated in rats to have a stronger anabolic ratio than conventional testosterone.
  • Heightened muscular strength: There have been speculations of accounts of persons who enhanced muscle strength and general performance due to increased AR activation and muscle mass. After using Andarine, several individuals reported increasing their bench press by 20 pounds. These increases are dose-dependent, of course, but they can also be influenced by your response to the substance.
  • Qualities that burn fat: S4 may have the ability to burn fat, according to a study. Despite the limited amount of data, it revealed several intriguing trends. S4-treated rats in that study increased their bone density and muscle mass while decreasing their body fat.
  1. S-23: S-23 is one of the strongest SARMs mostly on the market and, in the opinion of some, the most similar substance to traditional steroids available. It is a fantastic cutting substance that promotes fat loss while providing outstanding lean, dry gains. With no water retention, this substance is renowned for generating a dense, hard aesthetic. S-23 should undoubtedly be taken into consideration if you want muscles that look gritty. Frequently placed next to andarine (s-4) or LGD-4033.
  • Usual daily dosage: 10-20 mg
  • Half-life: 6 hours, hence it’s best to split the dose in half twice a day.
  • 8–12 weeks is the recommended cycle length.
  • The PCT cycle PCT is recommended, yes.

What procedure underlies the S23 function?

S23 exclusively affects bones and muscles anabolic. The reason for this is that S23 was created with the sole intention of focusing on and binding to androgens that are present in these regions. Your body’s other androgen receptors are not targeted. This is advantageous for your body since it eliminates the risk of any of the common side effects, such as liver damage and enlarged prostate that could develop if all androgen receptors were bound. S23, on the other hand, is only concerned with boosting the activity of the genes that generate the proteins that makeup muscles. Additionally, it communicates with the cells that create bone to enhance creativity. 

  1. LGD-3303: One of the more recent SARMs on the market, LGD-3303, is quickly establishing a reputation as one of the greatest SARMs for overall improvements in raw mass and strength. Although it is a dry compound, it is also renowned for providing pronounced muscular fullness. LGD-3303 has excellent oral bioavailability, is non-steroidal, and has a very high affinity and selectivity for the androgen receptor. It is a very promising SARM since, at the dosage that is helpful for muscle gain; the androgenic effects on the body are relatively low. Additionally, LGD-3303 has demonstrated the ability to stimulate certain parts of female healthy behavior, suggesting that it may be useful as a treatment for women who suffer from disorders of physical intimacy.
  • Usual daily dosage: 10-20 mg
  • Half-life: 12 hours, so it’s best to split the dose in half twice a day.
  • 8–12 weeks is the recommended cycle length.
  • The PCT cycle PCT is recommended, yes.

How Does LGD-3303 Function Precisely?

A selective androgen receptor agonist that also functions as a complete agonist for anabolic effects, LGD-3303 is a SARM with good oral absorption. In terms of enhancing bone and muscle mass, it is regarded as one of the best SARMs currently on the market. Given its efficiency without the negative effects, some have drawn comparisons to anabolic steroids. It is non-steroidal, taken orally, binds to the estrogen receptors, and then has an anabolic impact on the muscles and bones. You don’t absorb a significant amount of water while your muscles strengthen and get stronger. This implies that you can gain weight without feeling overly bloated and bulky.

  1. YK-11: According to the reviews, YK-11 seems to be a super-SARM, but in actuality, it is not a conventional SARM. It is a brand-new synthetic steroid that works by binding to endogenous testosterone in the prostate, external genitalia, hair, and liver. It is based on the stronger testosterone analogue 5-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Due to its strength and capacity to swiftly increase muscle mass with few adverse effects, YK-11 has drawn a lot of attention in the bodybuilding community. Myostatin is inhibited by YK-11, according to research. It stimulates the production of follistatin, a potent myostatin inhibitor, by muscle cells. A protein made by muscle cells called myostatin, also referred to as development differentiation factor 8, acts on muscle cells to limit myogenesis. The accumulation of much more muscle mass is made possible when myostatin is blocked, according to years of research. Regarding YK11’s half-life, there is not much information available. According to anecdotal evidence, the half-life of YK11 is relatively brief, necessitating many daily doses to achieve the best results.
  • Usual daily dosage: 5 to 15 mg
  • Half-life: 4-6 hours, optimal dosage is divided into two doses each day.
  • 8–12 weeks is the recommended cycle length.
  • The PCT cycle PCT is recommended, yes.

What YK 11 Does?

Similar to testosterone, YK11 has an affinity for the androgen receptor. YK11 targets both androgenic and anabolic receptors, which makes it superior to conventional SARMs for people aiming to build muscle mass while still losing body fat. YK11 has been demonstrated to improve overall bone health and bone density in animal experiments. Additionally, it demonstrated decreased fat mass and enhanced muscle mass and strength. These results imply that YK11 may be a useful treatment for several ailments, including muscular atrophy, osteoporosis, and obesity, even though human trials are still ongoing.

Advantages of YK 11

  • Within a short period, add lean muscle mass
  • Increased energy and quick strength gains
  • enhanced performance and quicker recovery
  • higher HGH levels
  • Quick body fat reduction and fat loss

SARMs Dosages & Stacks

SARMs are utilized for a variety of purposes, including gaining strength, bulking up, boosting energy, elevating mood, and decreasing weight without sacrificing muscle mass. What occurs when one cycle involves two or even more SARMs stacked together? And how much of a SARM stack should you take? Remember to pay attention to the dosages, length of your cycle, and a mixture of SARMs inside a stack. Moreover, you should always take a break after your cycle that is proportionate to it. Start with the lowest dose possible while starting SARMs cycling, and only raise the dosage as necessary. The best is always the lowest.

The cycle of Bulking SARMs

For maximum gains in muscle growth, strength, and size, combines RAD-140, and LGD-4033, and start in the Advanced Bulking Stack. As a dry substance with little water retention, RAD-140 is combined with LGD-4033, which does contain some water. This combination increases the capacity for muscle protein synthesis, which eventually helps the process of bulking.

Ostarine is well known for its medicinal benefits, particularly for bone and joint health. It can also improve tissue regeneration, lessen inflammation, and support joint health, among many other outstanding advantages. These substances also enhance the effects of MK-677 in a complementary manner. SARMs cycling length recommendation: 12 weeks

Reduce SARMs Cycle

The S-4, Cardarine, and Ostarine combo in the Pumping Iron Reducing Stack are intended to increase your metabolism and hasten fat loss. Whether you’re bulking, dieting, or seeking body recomposition, this is a need if you want to advance your physique. This stack will efficiently hasten outcomes while enhancing your performance and general shape, fullness, and hardness (strength, stamina, energy levels, and endurance). SARMs cycling length recommendation: 12 weeks

The Ideal Doses for SARMs

SARMs are well renowned for their ability to help you shed body fat while also assisting in the development of strength, stamina, mass, and endurance. As with any medicine or substance, use SARMs responsibly. Always double-check the dose guidelines, and begin slowly. This not only gives you a direction to move in (starting high leaves you with no room to advance), but it also allows you to test the effects of lower doses. 

Which PCT Is Best for SARMs?

Although PCT is quite subjective, it’s frequently advised to use a PCT like Pro PCT (6-OXO). Pumping Iron Pro PCT (6-OXO) is a complex prohormone and SARM PCT that contains 6-OXO, a strong aromatase inhibitor that should only be used by seasoned prohormone and SARM users. Women shouldn’t use this supplement as it is solely meant for male athletes. In addition to being a potent recovery agent for post-cycle therapy, PRO PCT can be used to avoid estrogen-related negative effects during the cycle (PCT)

  • greatest aromatase inhibitor currently available
  • Boosts the mass of lean muscle
  • reduces testosterone’s ability to convert to estrogen
  • maintains muscular mass
  • boosts the ratio of testosterone to estrogen
  • appropriate for vegetarians (HMPC Veg Cap)

What dosage works best for the finest SARMs?

The following factors prevent a clear answer to the issue from being provided: 

  • There are no guidelines on how to utilize them because their manufacturers don’t offer official SARMs meant to be used in sports
  • A chemical’s dosage is based on the desired outcomes it seeks to achieve.
  • The dosage needs to be determined based on the user’s unique body.
  • For use by either a male or a woman, the dosage of 1 (any) SARM varies.
  • If SARM is used in conjunction with other medicines, the doses will change.
  • The chosen SARM will determine the dosage.

The most crucial guideline to follow to ensure constant safety (particularly when you’re a beginner) is to always start just at the lowest dose advised. By doing this, you can considerably reduce the likelihood that the body will respond negatively and have serious side effects. The dosage must be increased gradually, strictly adhering to the safety regulations, and with unwavering focus and discipline.

What makes a SARM the safest option, and why?

Due to several studies conducted in comparison to certain other SARMs that haven’t yet been in any way tested on people, LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) by Ligand Pharmaceuticals is the most secure SARM if we can use the word “safe,” which is the case. Studies conducted thus far on LGD-4033 have established that it does not raise blood levels of a specific protein linked to prostate cancer.

Do SARMs cause aggression to rise?

SARMs are frequently promoted as “safe alternatives to anabolic steroids,” and to some extent, this is true. SARMs carry a lesser risk of adverse side effects than steroids do. But even SARMs have several side effects that are similar to those of steroids. Aggression is included in this.

What other medical conditions (Side Effects) should you be aware of while using SARMs?

Similar to the advantages, unfavorable effects vary depending on the person, healthyities, and dose taken. However, there are other SARM adverse effects that are regularly documented, including heart problems and strokes liver damage that inhibits endogenous testosterone production mood changes aggression testicle shrinking headaches.

Do they impair the health of the prostate?

SARMs have not yet been discovered to negatively affect the prostate or to be able to cause cancer. There is evidence—yet to be confirmed—that some SARMs may potentially help the prostate become healthier or aid in the battle against prostate cancer.

Do You Need to Take SARMs?

Given their dubious safety, you shouldn’t use SARMs. We advise staying away from them because neither you nor we are aware of the potential long-term health effects. You probably know you’re looking for supplements to help you gain strength and size, but SARMs aren’t the best option. Instead, consider the Huge Ecdysterone and Sapogenix options that are displayed. These two products don’t have any negative side effects, have fairly similar effects, and don’t require post-cycle therapy. Invest in organ maintenance and a post-cycle treatment supplement if you’ve already decided to take them notwithstanding what has been advised to you.

Rebirth and Defend are the items we suggest buying. They are the most potent and stacked alternatives, making them a bare minimum requirement if you intend to perform a SARMs cycle.

What SARM Is the Best Fit for Me?

The final decision regarding which SARM is best for you and your training objectives rests with you. When choosing hormone receptors for your initial SARM cycle, you can, nevertheless, apply the general guidelines below. 

  • A novice SARM cycler can build muscle mass by using RAD140. Results including increased strength, vitality, and muscle mass are frequently noticeable within 7 to 14 days of using the product.
  • Andarine S4: To appear more “cut,” some sportsmen have allegedly taken Andarine S4 while gaining muscle mass and losing fat.

Check the product’s suitability for you before using any performance-enhancing supplements.


Given the variety of reasons previously discussed, think twice before deciding to incorporate SARMs into your everyday activities and training regimen. Most importantly, ask yourself if the potential risks to your body and general health (not to mention your personal life) are worth the effort. Therefore, it is best to refrain from taking dangerous substances that have only been clinically tested on rats. We advise using trusted, legal supplements for sports stimulation that are designed to resemble the use of well-known SARMs.

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