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The Keto Diet Is Gaining Popularity, But Is Keto Diet Safe?

Is the Keto Diet Safe?
The keto diet helps in losing weight, that is true. But the question that comes up is that if
the keto diet safe or not. Many dieticians say that the results of the keto diet are not
permanent. Some say it is not safe as it leads to starvation and a few critics downright
mention that it is dangerous. One of the many reasons for this is that the weight is lost is
related to water in our body which can soon get accumulated again. Some say that this diet
leads to loss of muscle when your body enters the state of ketosis so much so that it can
even harm the human heart as it is also a muscle. It is said that the keto diet should be
avoided and only considered and cases of desperation such as obesity.

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Since the keto diet emphasizes on consumption of fewer calories of about 800 per day,
many dieticians state that this can be very dangerous if done regularly as this small amount
of consumption is starving yourself because if you consume less than 1150 calories it is very
unhealthy. By starving yourself you will lose weight that is guaranteed but you will also grow
weak and will be unable to perform your daily tasks. Moreover, in long term, this can be
fatal. Many experts say that instead of starvation people should focus on lean physical
activities if not hard like jogging, cycling, aerobics, etc. as these activities will not only help in
weight loss but are also healthy in long term.

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